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Haven Achievements

Full list of Haven achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Haven has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lovebirds Lovebirds 0 Hold each others' hands and never let go 10
Hug therapy Hug therapy 0 Give a healing hug 10
Head in the clouds Head in the clouds 0 Become a bird perch 10
An eye for an eye An eye for an eye 0 Take a spill each, back-to-back 10
Life’s short, ride long Life’s short, ride long 0 Land a double backflip 10
Ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no mountain high enough 0 Reach the heights 10
Over my dead body Over my dead body 0 Block attacks until exhaustion 10
Last minute Last minute 0 Launch a max-power assistance 10
Perfect timing Perfect timing 0 Launch a max-power double-attack 10
Strike! Strike! 0 Hit 5 critters in their weak spot, in one swoop 50
Shake the rust off their feet Shake the rust off their feet 0 Pacify five critters in one swoop 50
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Finish the game without KO 100
A love supreme A love supreme 0 Reach the maximum relationship level 50
Self-sustainability Self-sustainability 0 Fill the vegetable patch 50
À la carte À la carte 0 Taste every dish 50
Spring cleaning Spring cleaning 0 Clean up the rust on every fragment 100

Secret Achievements

Flower Powered Flower Powered 0 Try on the flower boots 10
Thar she blows Thar she blows 0 Beat the Beruberu 70
Back to rust Back to rust 0 Beat the Lorudo 70
My little pony My little pony 0 Beat the Heliga 70
Balding bloot! Balding bloot! 0 Watch helplessly as the Nest falls 10
Like new! Like new! 0 Finish repairing the Nest 50
Second thoughts Second thoughts 0 Choose not to sever the flow bridge 50
Don't look back Don't look back 0 Choose to sever the flow bridge 70
Mooning the moon Mooning the moon 0 Midnight skinny dip 10
Can't get wetter... Can't get wetter... 0 Getting handsy under the waterfalls 10
Pearls before Birble Pearls before Birble 0 Lure in Birble with creamberry fondue 10
In my shoes In my shoes 0 Taste the hygrocybe rubescens 10
Heartstrings Heartstrings 0 Play a guitar ditty 10
Strip-a-bobble Strip-a-bobble 0 Lose a game of strip-a-bobble 10