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Full list of BALAN WONDERWORLD achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

BALAN WONDERWORLD has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Storm Survivor Storm Survivor 0 Complete Chapter One 15
Marine Mates Marine Mates 0 Complete Chapter Two 15
Bug Buddies Bug Buddies 0 Complete Chapter Three 15
I Can Fly I Can Fly 0 Complete Chapter Four 15
Triumph for Trees Triumph for Trees 0 Complete Chapter Five 15
Kitty Companion Kitty Companion 0 Complete Chapter Six 15
Children of Chess Children of Chess 0 Complete Chapter Seven 15
In Love at Last In Love at Last 0 Complete Chapter Eight 15
Feelings Laid Bare Feelings Laid Bare 0 Complete Chapter Nine 15
Painted Perfection Painted Perfection 0 Complete Chapter Ten 15
Zero to Hero Zero to Hero 0 Complete Chapter Eleven 15
Seen Again Seen Again 0 Complete Chapter Twelve 15
Dress Rehearsal Dress Rehearsal 0 Don a costume for the first time 15
Maestro of Mystery Maestro of Mystery 0 Collect your first Balan statue 15
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head 0 Collect your first raindrop 15
Tea Tim(e) Tea Tim(e) 0 Feed a drop to a Tim for the first time 15
Drowning in Drops Drowning in Drops 0 Collect over one thousand drops in a single act 15
Balan's a Happy Chappy Balan's a Happy Chappy 0 Collect every gold Balan statue 30
Casual Costume Fan Casual Costume Fan 0 Collect twenty costumes 15
Costume Collector Costume Collector 0 Collect fifty costumes 15
Full Wardrobe Full Wardrobe 0 Collect every costume 70
Timdale Timdale 0 Populate the Isle of Tims with thirty Tims 15
Timtopia Timtopia 0 Populate the Isle of Tims with one hundred Tims 30
Clockwork Happiness Clockwork Happiness 0 Unlock the Tower o' Tims 15
Solid Sportsmanship Solid Sportsmanship 0 Play every mini game in every chapter 15
Negated Negated 0 Defeat a Negati for the first time 15
Gate Guard Gate Guard 0 Defeat a Negate-guarding Negati for the first time 15
Somebody Stop Me Somebody Stop Me 0 Catch a fleeing cast member 15
Beginner Busker Beginner Busker 0 Perform on a stage for the first time 15
Balan Wannabe Balan Wannabe 0 Play a round of Balan's Bout for the first time 15

Secret Achievements

Balance Restored Balance Restored 0 Defeat Lance 15
Three-act Play Three-act Play 0 Complete every Act Three 30
Balan's a Really Happy Chappy Balan's a Really Happy Chappy 0 Collect every multicoloured Balan statue 30
Tim of Legend Tim of Legend 0 Bring the Ultima Tim into the world 30
Tick-tock Tick-tock 0 Complete the Tower o' Tims 75
Hello, Father Hello, Father 0 Discover the Father Tim statue 15
Non-stop Negativity Non-stop Negativity 0 Defeat one thousand Negati 30
Combo Breaker Combo Breaker 0 Defeat five Negati in a row 15
Lanced Endlessli Lanced Endlessli 0 Defeat a Lanced Endlessli 30
Lanced Multipli Lanced Multipli 0 Defeat a Lanced Multipli 30
Lanced Plenti Lanced Plenti 0 Defeat a Lanced Plenti 30
Lanced Nessi Lanced Nessi 0 Defeat a Lanced Nessi 30
Ghostli Ghostli 0 Defeat a Ghostli 30
Backstage Pass Backstage Pass 0 Find your way backstage for the first time 15
Veteran Busker Veteran Busker 0 Perform on every stage 30
Heir Apparent Heir Apparent 0 Complete every round of Balan's Bout ranked "Excellent" 30