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Hexagroove: Tactical DJ Achievements

Full list of Hexagroove: Tactical DJ achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Balls in the air Balls in the air 0 Juggled the rhythm ball for 75 times or more in a level 30
Fingers of fury Fingers of fury 0 Got a 10 on rhythm in every hard stage 75
Control freak Control freak 0 Got a 10 on control in every hard stage 30
Don't stop the party Don't stop the party 0 Cleared a campaign level in more than 7 minutes 30
Every trick in the book Every trick in the book 0 Performed every trick in the game at least once 75
Pure perfection Pure perfection 0 Got perfect 10s in all categories in all hard stages 125
Crate digging Crate digging 0 Used a custom loop pack with an instrument replacement on a campaign stage 10
Paft Dunk Paft Dunk 0 Played Entourage or Freestyle with 2 DJs 10
Band-Aids Band-Aids 0 Played Entourage or Freestyle with 2 Superfans 10
Extended set Extended set 0 Played a Freestyle session for more than 10 minutes with crowd and sound effects off 10
Back in style Back in style 0 Generated more than 1985 style points on a level 30
Up in smoke Up in smoke 0 Triggered the Smokin' trick 10
By the book By the book 0 100% completion percentage 125
Hard and soft Hard and soft 0 Cleared every stage with bang and fade at any difficulty 30
The road warrior The road warrior 0 Played a Freestyle song in every venue 15
In the loop 2525 In the loop 2525 0 Triggered more than 2525 loops 30
Epic sax guy Epic sax guy 0 Triggered the Synthwave sax solo 30 times 10
Who needs melody Who needs melody 0 Cleared a campaign level using only drum, perc, and bass 10
The comeback kid The comeback kid 0 Cleared a stage on hard after getting a SLOW DOWN 30
Trigger happy Trigger happy 0 Launched five or more loops in a single bar and lose 10
The Sound of Silence The Sound of Silence 0 Stopped all loops during a campaign level and enjoy the silence for more than two bars 30
Show-off Show-off 0 Got an S rank on house 5
Drum and bass roll please Drum and bass roll please 0 Hit every tapping marker in Drum and Bass campaign on medium 30
Friday Night Fever Friday Night Fever 0 Played Hexagroove between 6:30 - 11pm on a Friday night 10
Amateur Amateur 0 Clear Hexagroove on Easy 5
Veteran Veteran 0 Cleared on Medium 30
Master Master 0 Cleared on Hard 75
If you can dodge a wrench... If you can dodge a wrench... 0 Ignored the rhythm ball 7 times in a level 5
More cowbell More cowbell 0 Triggered the Electro House cowbell loop more than 16 times in a level 5
Number 1 Number 1 0 Achieved the DJ title of Hexamaster Supreme and cleared every stage on every difficulty 100