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The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Achievements

Find all the The Dark Pictures: Little Hope achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Dirty Little Secrets Dirty Little Secrets 0 Found all witchcraft secrets 10
So Much Death So Much Death 0 Completed the prologue 10
Coven of Witches Coven of Witches 0 Finished Movie Night 20
On A Roll On A Roll 0 Completed 5 combat events in succession 10
Rational Mind Rational Mind 0 Rational was one of top two traits for John 10
Amiable Character Amiable Character 0 Amiable was one of top two traits for Daniel 10
Compassionate Soul Compassionate Soul 0 Compassionate was one of top two traits for Andrew 10
Headstrong Heroine Headstrong Heroine 0 Headstrong was one of top two traits for Taylor 10
Deeper Understanding Deeper Understanding 0 Understanding was one of top two traits for Angela 10
Instinctive Reaction Instinctive Reaction 0 Chose all of the Heart decisions 10
Considered Opinion Considered Opinion 0 Chose all of the Head decisions 10
Deathly Visions Deathly Visions 0 Found all of the black framed Pictures 50
Glimmer of Hope Glimmer of Hope 0 Found all of the white framed Pictures 50
Full Circle Full Circle 0 Completed the Solo Story 50
Secrets Too Dark Secrets Too Dark 0 Found all family secrets 100
A Complete Picture A Complete Picture 0 Found all Pictures 100
That Dream is Your Enemy That Dream is Your Enemy 0 No-one survived 100
Fate Worse Than Death Fate Worse Than Death 0 Andrew was saved from himself 100

Secret Achievements

Our Own Demons Our Own Demons 0 Defeated Taylor's demons 10
Forgiveness Forgiveness 0 Saved Mary 20
Unbroken Unbroken 0 Saved Daniel 10
Free Spirit Free Spirit 0 Saved Taylor 10
We Are of Water We Are of Water 0 Saved Angela 10
Strength From Within Strength From Within 0 Saved Andrew 10
Heavy Burden Heavy Burden 0 Saved John 10
No Escaping Fate No Escaping Fate 0 Everyone died at the ruined house 50
Salvation Salvation 0 Everyone was saved 50
The Odd Couple The Odd Couple 0 Maximized Angela and John's Relationship 50
Solid As a Rock Solid As a Rock 0 Maximized Daniel and Taylor's Relationship 50
All Together Now All Together Now 0 Andrew has a good relationship with all characters 50