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Nexomon: Extinction Achievements

Full list of Nexomon: Extinction achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Nexomon: Extinction has 56 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

My First Nexomon My First Nexomon 0 Obtain your very first companion for life! 10
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes 0 Capture a Nexomon for the first time! 10
Grandmaster Grandmaster 0 Become one of the greatest tamers in Nexomon history. 60
A Dozen Down A Dozen Down 0 Beat a dozen tamers around the world! 15
Show Them Who's Boss Show Them Who's Boss 0 Beat every tamer in the world of Nexomon at least once! 40
Haven't You Had Enough?! Haven't You Had Enough?! 0 Beat every tamer in the world of Nexomon, again! 60
You're a Celebrity! You're a Celebrity! 0 Participate in all TV interviews. 10
A Pretty Coin A Pretty Coin 0 Accumulate over 100,000 coins in your adventure. 10
Peak Nexomon Performance Peak Nexomon Performance 0 Have a Nexomon reach level 99, because why not. 20
Anger Management Anger Management 0 Break 500 boulders. 10
Power of Science Power of Science 0 Craft your first Core at Bonnie's lab. With this, your Nexomon will become stronger! 10
Fully Powered Up Fully Powered Up 0 Have an entire team of Nexomon fully equipped with cores! 10
Locally Sourced Nexotraps Locally Sourced Nexotraps 0 Craft your first Nexotrap using Elemental Shards. 10
They Can't Run On A Full Stomach They Can't Run On A Full Stomach 0 Toss over 100 meals at wild Nexomon 10
Beam Me Up, Coco! Beam Me Up, Coco! 0 Activate every warpstone. 10
It's Honest Work It's Honest Work 0 Sell over 200 elemental shards to Claive. 10
Workaholic Workaholic 0 Complete all quests. 10
Shopping Spree Shopping Spree 0 Spend over 50,000 coins in your adventure. 10
Full Team Full Team 0 Fill up your party with 6 Nexomon. It's time to take on the world! 5
Own 30 Nexomon Own 30 Nexomon 0 Capture 30 unique Nexomon. 10
Own 60 Nexomon Own 60 Nexomon 0 Capture 60 unique Nexomon. 15
Own 90 Nexomon Own 90 Nexomon 0 Capture 90 unique Nexomon. 20
Own 150 Nexomon Own 150 Nexomon 0 Capture 150 unique Nexomon. 25
Own every Nexomon! Own every Nexomon! 0 Find and capture every Nexomon in the game! 100

Secret Achievements

Bronze Tamer Bronze Tamer 0 Register at the Tamer's Guild and receive your bronze badge. 10
Silver Tamer Silver Tamer 0 Receive a Silver Badge after saving the city of Ignitia. 25
Gold Tamer Gold Tamer 0 Receive a Gold Badge for bringing peace to the Frozen Tundra. 40
My First Day at Work My First Day at Work 0 Survive your first Tyrant encounter! It can't possibly get any worse than that. 10
So Predictable So Predictable 0 Protect Eliza from the minions. 10
Welcome Back Welcome Back 0 Retrieve Atlas from the time capsule in the Frozen Tundra. 10
Omnicron's Legacy Omnicron's Legacy 0 Uncover your origins, and embrace your new self! 10
Renegade Jin Renegade Jin 0 Defeat Jin and Mulcimer in the city of Ignitia! 10
Renegade Lydia Renegade Lydia 0 Defeat Lydia and Eurus in Drake Isles! 10
Renegade Atlanta Renegade Atlanta 0 Defeat Atlanta and Nivalis in the Frozen Tundra! 10
Renegade Logan Renegade Logan 0 Defeat Logan and Bolzen in Cadium! 10
Renegade Celine Renegade Celine 0 Defeat Celine and Petram near Lateria! 10
I Hate My Job I Hate My Job 0 Survive the double dragon attack in the Cursed Tower. 10
Are We The Baddies? Are We The Baddies? 0 Somehow, get arrested and end up behind bars. Now you've done it! 10
Grandmaster Edward Grandmaster Edward 0 Defeat Edward at the top of the Tamer's Guild! 10
Grandmaster Xanders Grandmaster Xanders 0 Defeat Xanders for once and for all! 10
Grandmaster Amelie Grandmaster Amelie 0 Defeat Amelie, the strongest tamer of the Guild! 10
Element of Fire Element of Fire 0 Receive the remainder of Fenrir's power. 10
Element of Wind Element of Wind 0 Receive the remainder of Nadine's power. 10
Element of Water Element of Water 0 Receive the remainder of Merida's power. 10
Element of Thunder Element of Thunder 0 Receive the remainder of Zetta's power. 10
Element of Earth Element of Earth 0 Receive the remainder of your mentor's power. 10
Element of Life Element of Life 0 Awaken the power inherited from Deena! 10
Downfall Downfall 0 Watch helplessly as Vados eradicates the Tyrants! 10
That's Messed Up That's Messed Up 0 Hit Vados with an airship in the middle of his monologue. 10
Ascension Ascension 0 Claim your rightful place among the Nexomon, and shape the future of our wo 100
This Should Be Illegal This Should Be Illegal 0 Discover and break into all nine of Spencer's hidden vaults. 25
Never Forget Never Forget 0 Find the tombstone of the four Mandrasses. You know what you did! 10
Vanity Issues Vanity Issues 0 Nickname a Nexomon the same as your own name. 10
Capture the Tyrants Capture the Tyrants 0 Find and capture every Tyrant. 20
Children of Omnicron Children of Omnicron 0 Revive and capture each of the ancient primordial Tyrants. 20
The Greater Drakes The Greater Drakes 0 Encounter and tame every Greater Drake of Lydia. 20