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Legends of Ethernal Achievements

Full list of Legends of Ethernal achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Legends of Ethernal has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

All Natural All Natural 0 Complete the game without getting any optional Ether Pouches or Weapon Upgrades. 70
Curious Curious 0 Acquire 1 History of Arkanys Page. 20
Well-Read Well-Read 0 Acquire 5 History of Arkanys Pages. 30
Erudite Erudite 0 Acquire all History of Arkanys Pages. 50
Ether Hunter Ether Hunter 0 Acquire 1 hidden Ether Pouch. 20
Ether Hoarder Ether Hoarder 0 Acquire all hidden Ether Pouches. 50
Blacksmith's Apprentice Blacksmith's Apprentice 0 Upgrade your first weapon. 20
Master Artisan Master Artisan 0 Fully upgrade all of your weapons. 50
More Than Just a Fisherman More Than Just a Fisherman 0 Defeat 300 enemies using the Fishing Rod. 20
Bring Down the Hammer Bring Down the Hammer 0 Defeat 300 enemies using the Club or Pickaxe. 20
Hack and Slash Hack and Slash 0 Defeat 200 enemies using the Sword. 20
Deadeye Deadeye 0 Take out 10 flying enemies with the Blowgun. 20
Pyromania Pyromania 0 Take out 10 enemies by using Fire Grenades. 20
Where's the Ka-boom? Where's the Ka-boom? 0 Take out 10 enemies by using Explosive Grenades. 20
Venomous Venomous 0 Take out 10 enemies by using All-Rot Potion. 20
Are You Even Reading? Are You Even Reading? 0 Finish the game under 6 hours. 50
Easy Easy 0 Finish the game in Easy mode. 20
Normal Normal 0 Finish the game in Normal mode. 50
Hard Hard 0 Finish the game in Hard mode. 70
Hardcore Hardcore 0 Finish the game in Hardcore mode. 70

Secret Achievements

Departure Departure 0 Your adventure begins. 20
Patriarch Patriarch 0 Defeat the Mehdhun Tree Patriarch. 20
Matron Matron 0 Defeat the Brüwig Matron. 20
Queen Queen 0 Defeat the Dakrei Queen. 20
Lone Survivor Lone Survivor 0 Survive the attack on Lope Village. 20
Captain Captain 0 Defeat Captain Hansel. 20
Reunion Reunion 0 Reunite with your family. 20
General General 0 Defeat General Kroll. 50
Absolute Victory Absolute Victory 0 Defeat Kroll without using any power attacks. 50
Gossip Addict Gossip Addict 0 Talk to everyone in Lope Village. 50