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Sparkle 4 Tales Achievements

Full list of Sparkle 4 Tales achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sparkle 4 Tales has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

One of many One of many 0 Find your first totem 40
Impressive collection Impressive collection 0 Find 10 of the available totems 40
I've got them all! I've got them all! 0 Find all the totems 40
Collector I Collector I 0 Collect 500 elements 40
Collector II Collector II 0 Collect 1500 elements 40
Collector III Collector III 0 Collect 3000 elements 40
No obstacles No obstacles 0 Pass through the color barrier 20 times 40
Spark of light Spark of light 0 Destroy the Shadow Crystal 40
Guardian of light Guardian of light 0 Destroy all the Shadow Crystals 40
Clean the swamp Clean the swamp 0 Kill 40 Hatchlings 40
Against shadows Against shadows 0 Kill 30 Shadows 40
Beat the best Beat the best 0 Kill 10 Transporters 40
You did it! You did it! 0 Kill the boss 40
Not what I expected Not what I expected 0 Die during a battle 40
A great warrior A great warrior 0 Kill 10 Shadows without losing any levels 40
Agility is a key Agility is a key 0 Win 10 duels against a Transporter without losing any levels 40
The first step The first step 0 Gain your first level 40
Ready for an adventure Ready for an adventure 0 Evolve your Sparkle 40
Evolving! Evolving! 0 Become a big Sparkle 40
Self Improvement Self Improvement 0 Become a huge Sparkle 40
Good to be the best Good to be the best 0 Gain the ultimate evolution 40
Feel the power Feel the power 0 Use the power of each type 40
True friends True friends 0 Have 10 minions at the same time 40
You spin me right round You spin me right round 0 Use the vortex 20 times 80