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Killer Chambers Achievements

Full list of Killer Chambers achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Killer Chambers has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

So, Please Be Gentle So, Please Be Gentle 0 Get your first key 10
Heart of Gold Heart of Gold 0 Loot your first coins 20
Diamonds are Unbreakable Diamonds are Unbreakable 0 Acquire a precious gem for the first time 30
Sewage Worker Sewage Worker 0 Complete The Cellars at all difficulties and retire from the worst job ever 60
The King's Court The King's Court 0 Complete The Castle at all difficulties and buy your way into high society 60
Horticulture Horticulture 0 Complete The Garden at all difficulties and abide the laws of nature 60
Hammer and Anvil Hammer and Anvil 0 Complete The Forge at all difficulties and break your chains 60
Sorcerer's Apprendice Sorcerer's Apprendice 0 Complete The Palace at all difficulties and learn the magic words 60
Careless Spender Careless Spender 0 Buy stuff in Fendrel's Shop 20
Economic Bubble Economic Bubble 0 Change some gems into gold coins 40
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter 0 Own all the hats 50
Compulsive Buying Disorder Compulsive Buying Disorder 0 Buy at least one of each consumable items 20
Top Hat Top Hat 0 Complete a level without loosing your style 10
Tea Bag Tea Bag 0 Kneel down 150 times without dying 30
Bunny Hop Bunny Hop 0 Jump as a bunny 50 times without dying 30
God of Thunder God of Thunder 0 Use the power of the Stray Hat 20 times without dying 30
The World The World 0 Use the Stop Watch 50 times 30
You Are (Not) a Lord You Are (Not) a Lord 0 Glide with the Heaven's Mask for at least 2 seconds 30
In His House... He Waits Dreaming In His House... He Waits Dreaming 0 Escape from The Curse for the first time 20
The Crawling Chaos The Crawling Chaos 0 Escape all the variations of The Curse 30
The Killer Chamber The Killer Chamber 0 Earn all achievements 100

Secret Achievements

The Truth Hurts The Truth Hurts 0 Defeat Mascarone smashing him to pieces 40
He's the Bone of His Sword He's the Bone of His Sword 0 Defeat Archer and repay him in kind 40
Monster Girl Love Monster Girl Love 0 Defeat The Siren, even if there's no reason to ever hit a woman 40
Fire Play Fire Play 0 Defeat the Fire Child because it's past his bedtime 40
Too Spooky for Me Too Spooky for Me 0 Defeat Lord Grave and get your hands on The Crown 40