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The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom Achievements

Full list of The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

On your feet, soldier On your feet, soldier 0 Revived a friend in multiplayer 15
Rookie no more Rookie no more 0 Reached level 5 15
Veteran soldier Veteran soldier 0 Reached level 10 15
Apocalypse warrior Apocalypse warrior 0 Reached level 15 15
Epic warrior Epic warrior 0 Reached level 20 30
Welcome to Wakefield! Welcome to Wakefield! 0 Completed all main and secondary quests in District 1 15
Mall rat mayhem Mall rat mayhem 0 Completed all main and secondary quests in District 2 15
King of the beach King of the beach 0 Completed all main and secondary quests in District 3 15
Monarch of Funland Monarch of Funland 0 Completed all main and secondary quests in District 4 15
Hands down Hands down 0 Defeated Vine Claw 15
Release the Scrapken Release the Scrapken 0 Defeated Scrapken 30
Massive bugbear Massive bugbear 0 Defeated Spikipede 15
Return of the King Return of the King 0 Defeated King Wretch 30
Easy to find impostors Easy to find impostors 0 Defeated the Slime Impostors 15
Off the 'Hook Off the 'Hook 0 Defeated Meathook 30
An eye for an Eye An eye for an Eye 0 Defeated Hairy Eyeball 15
Bosses neonized! Bosses neonized! 0 Defeated Neon Bosses 100
Help from above Help from above 0 Crafted a tree house turret 15
Divine intervention Divine intervention 0 Crafted all tree house turrets 15
Security measures Security measures 0 Fully upgraded all tree house turrets 30
It's show time! It's show time! 0 Crafted a weapon 15
Armed to the teeth! Armed to the teeth! 0 Crafted all weapons 15
Unbeatable design Unbeatable design 0 Fully upgraded all weapons 90
Suit up! Suit up! 0 Crafted an armor 15
Full closet Full closet 0 Craft all armors 15
Master craftskid Master craftskid 0 Fully upgrade all armors 90
Rev it up! Rev it up! 0 Upgrade BigMama to level 2 15
Monster truck! Monster truck! 0 Upgraded BigMama to maximum level 15
Home Sweet Home! Home Sweet Home! 0 Upgraded tree house to level 2 15
Tree... FORTRESS! Tree... FORTRESS! 0 Upgraded tree house to maximum level 15
There's a good boy! There's a good boy! 0 Inflicted 5000 damage points with Rover 15
Spin to win! Spin to win! 0 Had Skaelka perform 5000 spins 15
Battlefield medic Battlefield medic 0 Had Bardle heal 5000 health points 15
A Big help! A Big help! 0 Had Biggun absorb 5000 damage points 15
OK Boomerang OK Boomerang 0 Stunned 250 enemies using Jack's BooMerang 15
Disc drive Disc drive 0 Defeated 250 enemies using June's Toxic Frisbee 15
Stop right there Stop right there 0 Used Dirk's Sticky Grenade against 250 enemies 15
Distraction tactics Distraction tactics 0 Distracted 250 enemies using Quint's Cymbal Monkey 15
Physiologus Vol. 2 Physiologus Vol. 2 0 Completed the Bestiary 30
Driving test Driving test 0 Completed a Big Mama challenge 15
Make Melvin proud Make Melvin proud 0 Completed all Big Mama challenges 30
Issue #1 Issue #1 0 Found one comic book cover 15
Full set Full set 0 Found all comic book covers 30