Zombi Achievements

Straight Forward

There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Outbreak Outbreak 0 Kill 50 zombies 10
Epidemic Epidemic 0 Kill 100 Zombies 30
Pandemic Pandemic 0 Kill 200 zombies 90
Headshot! Headshot! 0 First Headshot with a gun 10
Burninated! Burninated! 0 Kill your first zombie with a Molotov Cocktail 30
Crossbow Kill Crossbow Kill 0 First Kill with the Crossbow 30
Safehouse Safehouse 0 Make it to the Safehouse 10
BOB is your best Friend BOB is your best Friend 0 Pick up a backpack (Bug-Out-Bag) 10
Let's Go Shopping Let's Go Shopping 0 Get into the Supermarket 30
Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace 0 Get into Buckingham Palace 30
Tower of London Tower of London 0 Get into the Tower of London 30
The Nursery The Nursery 0 Get into the Nursery 90
Betrayed! Betrayed! 0 Survive the Ambush at the Church 90
Expanded Backpack Expanded Backpack 0 Get the XL BOB 30
Expanded Storage Expanded Storage 0 Get the XXL BOB 90
CCTV Is Watching You CCTV Is Watching You 0 Hack all of the CCTV junction boxes in London 90
Unbreakable Unbreakable 0 Reach a Survivor Score of 2000 points 90
Baby Steps Baby Steps 0 Finish Game in Chicken Mode 30
I Survived! I Survived! 0 Finish Game in Standard Mode 90
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Finish Game in Survival Mode 90