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The Darkside Detective: Fumble in the Dark Achievements

Full list of The Darkside Detective: Fumble in the Dark achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Darkside Detective: Fumble in the Dark has 26 achievements worth 1135 gamerscore

You Answered The Call You Answered The Call 0 Completed Case 1: Missing, Presumed Darkside 15
Two Days To Retirement Two Days To Retirement 0 Completed Case 2: Twilight Years 15
The Luck Of The Irish The Luck Of The Irish 0 Completed Case 3: Druid's Delight 15
Sircus Survivor Sircus Survivor 0 Completed Case 4: Funfair Dismissal 15
Tag Team Champs Tag Team Champs 0 Completed Case 5: Royal Fumble 15
High School Graduates High School Graduates 0 Completed Case 6: Class of the Titans 15
Light Reader Light Reader 0 You found the pop-up image in each case. 90
Bum Ride Bum Ride 0 You broke the clown car. 15
Heavy Petting Heavy Petting 0 You petted all the animals in the game. 30
An Eye For Detail An Eye For Detail 0 You spotted what Gary was up to on the switchboard roof. 30
Unwanted Dinner Guest Unwanted Dinner Guest 0 You interrupted a scary, yet romantic, dinner. 90
Time Cop Time Cop 0 You found all the flashbacks of Dooley's Darkside adventures. 90
Busy Body Busy Body 0 You examined all of Nanny Dooley's stash. 30
Well Well Well... Well Well Well... 0 You discovered the well's secret... 30
Matchmaker Matchmaker 0 You helped find true love. 30
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire 0 You ruined the demon's downtime. 30
The Boys Are Back The Boys Are Back 0 You watched the credits and got the The Darkside Division fully reinstated. 30
Too Cool For School Too Cool For School 0 Dooley's a cool cat. 15
Wisdom Seeker Wisdom Seeker 0 You asked the masters for their worldy wisdom. 90
Teach An Old Dog New Tricks Teach An Old Dog New Tricks 0 Wait... Did you teach him a trick or did he just trick you? 30
Slender Fan Slender Fan 0 You listened to all Inhuman League tracks. 90
Manhandler Manhandler 0 You poked McQueen 50 times. Do you feel good about that? 90
Resource Hogs Resource Hogs 0 You drained Nanny's supply of sandwiches and tea. You savage. 100

The Darkside Detective: Fumble in the Dark - Case 7: Ghosts of Christmas Pass

There are 3 achievements with a total of 135 points.

Death's Door, Left Ajar Death's Door, Left Ajar 0 Completed Case 7: Ghosts Of Christmas Passed 15

Secret Achievements

Kind Words Kind Words 0 Yes! You! Can! 90
The Grump Of Christmas Passed The Grump Of Christmas Passed 0 What a nice night for some star gazing. 30