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Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game Achievements

Full list of Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game has 11 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Complete ride 1! Complete ride 1! 0 You picked this car— picked me— not to feel anything. 120
Complete ride 2! Complete ride 2! 0 You're like me: The past is the only place left for us. 120
Complete ride 3! Complete ride 3! 0 Everybody wants to be forgiven. It's a simple transaction. 120
Complete ride 4! Complete ride 4! 0 Even if I make it to my destination I'm still not home. 120
Complete ride 5! Complete ride 5! 0 We’re going to make mistakes, hurt each other. 120
Find your first clue Find your first clue 0 “That guy there… he looks like you!” 80
Build a magic object Build a magic object 0 It's alchemy, my boy— art, a camera. 80
Make a key decision Make a key decision 0 “Let me be her.” 80
Master a new weapon Master a new weapon 0 “All the mirror eyes closed.” 80
Open the box Open the box 0 Listen, there’s something at the end of this road that you don’t want to find. 80
Complete Tutorial Complete Tutorial 0 Had a good start 0