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Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection Achievements

Full list of Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Arcane Apprentice Arcane Apprentice 0 Use magic for the first time. 20
To Bee or Not to Bee To Bee or Not to Bee 0 Catch your first Umbral Bee. 20
New Money New Money 0 Catch your first Money Bee. 20
Spelling Bee Spelling Bee 0 Use Umbral Bees to learn magic for the first time. 20
Spelling Bee Dropout Spelling Bee Dropout 0 Remove Umbral Bees to unlearn magic for the first time. 20
Gone But Not Forgotten Gone But Not Forgotten 0 Remove magic from the Magic Waistband for the first time. 20
Treasure This Moment Treasure This Moment 0 Destroy a treasure chest for the first time. 20
Golden Boy Golden Boy 0 Don Golden Armor for the first time. 20
Key for Coming In Key for Coming In 0 Manage your first Nice Catch! 20
Charmed, I'm Sure Charmed, I'm Sure 0 Defeat your first Alablaster. 20
Hell-o? Hell-o? 0 Enter a Hell Hole for the first time. 20
Hell 'n Back Hell 'n Back 0 Complete a Hell Hole for the first time. 40
Hell of a Time Hell of a Time 0 Complete a stage while using the Magic Metronome for the first time. 40
Old Friends Old Friends 0 Play Co-op for the first time. 40
Through the Woods Through the Woods 0 Complete Zone 1. 20
Brave The Elements Brave The Elements 0 Complete Zone 2. 20
Spelunking Success Spelunking Success 0 Complete Zone 3. 40
Buzz Off! Buzz Off! 0 Complete Zone 4. 40
Challenge Again! Challenge Again! 0 Complete Zone 5. 40
Weapons Wiz Weapons Wiz 0 Use 6 types of weapons. 20
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man 0 Use all weapons. 40
Apprentice Beekeeper Apprentice Beekeeper 0 Catch 15 Umbral Bees. 20
Journeyman Beekeeper Journeyman Beekeeper 0 Catch 25 Umbral Bees. 40
Umbral Brag Umbral Brag 0 Catch all Umbral Bees. 50
Demonic Possession Demonic Possession 0 Collect 8 Demon Orbs. 40
Ghosts 'n Gorblins! Ghosts 'n Gorblins! 0 Collect all Demon Orbs. 50
Gathering Magic Gathering Magic 0 Learn all magic. 50
"Congraturation" "Congraturation" 0 Obtain the game's true ending. 60
Umbral Knight Umbral Knight 0 Complete a Shadow Stage for the first time. 30
Chest-blessed Chest-blessed 0 Discover 6 treasure chests in a single area. 50
The Undying Journey The Undying Journey 0 Complete a stage without dying once. 50