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Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Achievements

Full list of Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Blanket Blanket 0 Do not let Faye get cold. 25
Melody Melody 0 Listen to Faye's song all the way through. 25
One One 0 Complete Ed's first therapy session. 55
Stone Stone 0 Access one of Julia's childhood memories. 25
Feast Feast 0 Feed Frankie Laine just like he deserves. 30
Sam Sam 0 Find Samuel Franklin. 25
MVP MVP 0 Help Eddie Miller become the season's hero. 25
Figurines Figurines 0 Find all of Captain Roberts' spies. 30
Brotherhood Brotherhood 0 Complete the Pirate Brotherhood's secret handshake. 30
Groceries Groceries 0 Get mom's congratulations for storing the groceries quickly. 30
Two Two 0 Complete Ed's second therapy session. 55
Support Support 0 Comfort Robert. 25
Three Three 0 Complete Ed's third therapy session. 55
Four Four 0 Complete Ed's fourth therapy session. 55
Tree Tree 0 Dive into Julia and Nick's past. 25
Five Five 0 Complete Ed's fifth therapy session. 55
Engine Engine 0 Fix a car. 25
Jenny Jenny 0 Confirm the existence of Ed's daughter. 25
Restaurant Restaurant 0 Dine at Mamma Louise. 30
Flamingo Flamingo 0 Say goodbye to a childhood friend. 25
Host Host 0 Make sure Ed doesn't get thirsty. 25
Orphan Orphan 0 Get rid of your father's influence. 30
Scar Scar 0 Take a seat. 25

Secret Achievements

Hand Hand 0 Get Ed to shake Julia's hand 25
Feed Feed 0 Fill Petronius' bowl. 25
Gun Gun 0 Find evidence against Ed Miller. 25
Canyon Canyon 0 Throw Ed's car down the cliff. 25
BFF BFF 0 Kill Lisa Horowitz. 30
Pliers Pliers 0 Convince Adam to release you. 30
Vertigo Vertigo 0 Overcome Vertigo by saving Esther Franklin and Jenny. 55
Romance Romance 0 Get Julia and Nick together. 30