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Later Daters Achievements

Full list of Later Daters achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Later Daters has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Athlete of the Week Athlete of the Week 0 Won your game against Crystal 20
Be a good sport Be a good sport 0 Joined the pickleball club 20
Bon Voyage Jax! Bon Voyage Jax! 0 Completed Chapter 5 30
Card Shark Card Shark 0 Joined the poker club 20
Coffee & Gossip Coffee & Gossip 0 Gossip over coffee with Jax, Blair, and Mariana 20
Crystal Confides Crystal Confides 0 Crystal told you that she is trans 20
Date with a ROCK STAR! Date with a ROCK STAR! 0 Went to movie night with Jax Argo 20
Debt Paid in Full Debt Paid in Full 0 Blair declared the your debt to him is settled 20
Familiar Face Familiar Face 0 Meet Marcel, Salema and Haroun's grandson 20
Family Drama Family Drama 0 Found out Crystal's mysterious phone calls are coming from her son, Dale 20
Find your om Find your om 0 Joined the meditation club 20
Super Fan Super Fan 0 Got Jax Argo's autograph 20
Survive your first day at Ye OLDE Survive your first day at Ye OLDE 0 Completed Chapter 1 30
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0 Joined the Horticultural Club 20
Group Activity Group Activity 0 Had an orgy with the Ye OLDE residents 20
Love Unlocked Love Unlocked 0 Made it official with a fellow resident 50
Memories with Albert Memories with Albert 0 Albert told you about Taylor 20
Old people in space Old people in space 0 Completed Chapter 4 30
OLDE sweet OLDE OLDE sweet OLDE 0 Completed chapter 7 100
On your marks, get set, BAKE! On your marks, get set, BAKE! 0 Organized a bake off 20
One Last Hurrah One Last Hurrah 0 Completed Chapter 6 30
Part of the Club Part of the Club 0 Completed Chapter 2 30
Pet Tracker Pet Tracker 0 Salema gifted you a pet tracker after their escape 20
Playing Dirty Playing Dirty 0 Made out with Blair on a pool table 20
Poet & You Know It Poet & You Know It 0 Joined the poetry club 20
Poly Love Poly Love 0 In a polyamorous relationship 20
SECRET ENDING! SECRET ENDING! 0 Convinced Esther to stay at Ye OLDE 20
Sexy Space Times Sexy Space Times 0 Got intimate in space 20
Shoot Your Shot Shoot Your Shot 0 Flirted with your choice cutie 20
Siren Kiss Siren Kiss 0 Made out in the hallway with Blair 20
Stoned Makeout Sesh Stoned Makeout Sesh 0 Hooked up with someone in the greenhouse 20
Super Sleuth Super Sleuth 0 Sabotaged events with Albert 20
Tea Cosy Tea Cosy 0 Made out with Mariana over tea 20
Roll End Credits Roll End Credits 0 Completed Chapter 3 30
The Magic Key The Magic Key 0 Hosted an escape room event 20
The Sword of Dusquene The Sword of Dusquene 0 Hosted a DnD game 20
Wormhole Wisdom Wormhole Wisdom 0 Have a heart to heart with the wormhole 20
Yogi Kisses Yogi Kisses 0 Made out with Mariana at meditation club 20
Movie Make Out Movie Make Out 0 Made out on movie night with Jax 20
Happily Ever After Happily Ever After 0 Had a happy ending with your sweetie 50