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Redfall Achievements

Full list of Redfall achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Redfall has 66 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Neighborhood Revitalization Neighborhood Revitalization 0 Complete all of the main missions in Redfall Commons. 17
Revelations Revelations 0 Listen to the Pastor's thrall recording. 10
Home Is Where the Heart Is Home Is Where the Heart Is 0 Unlock your first safehouse. 10
Enter of Your Own Free Will Enter of Your Own Free Will 0 Enter your first nest door. 10
Contingency Plans Contingency Plans 0 Complete all optional campaign missions. 17
Blood Will Have Blood Blood Will Have Blood 0 Loot your first blood remnant. 10
Ne Plus Ultra Ne Plus Ultra 0 Loot your first unrivaled item. 17
Welcome to the Neighborhood Welcome to the Neighborhood 0 Complete your first neighborhood. 17
Block Party Block Party 0 Complete all neighborhoods in Redfall Commons. 35
Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch 0 Complete all neighborhoods in Burial Point. 35
Scream Team Scream Team 0 Gain Layla's complete trust and confidence. 17
Monster Hunters Club Monster Hunters Club 0 Gain Devinder's complete trust and confidence. 17
Blood Brother Blood Brother 0 Gain Jacob’s complete trust and confidence. 17
Friendgineering Friendgineering 0 Gain Remi’s complete trust and confidence. 17
Bad Wiring Bad Wiring 0 Disable a tripwire using a rewire kit. 10
I Like My Stakes Rare! I Like My Stakes Rare! 0 Stake your first vampire. 10
Sic Transit Umbra Sic Transit Umbra 0 Complete all of the main missions in Burial Point. 17
Radio Silence Radio Silence 0 Destroy the Hollow Man. 10
Bell-ringer Bell-ringer 0 Destroy Bloody Tom. 10
Silence Is Golden Silence Is Golden 0 Destroy Miss Whisper. 10
Good Morning Good Morning 0 Destroy The Black Sun. 35
Grounded Grounded 0 Destroy your first Rook. 10
Fly Fisher Fly Fisher 0 Destroy your first Angler. 10
Peek-a-boo Peek-a-boo 0 Destroy your first Shroud. 10
You Clean It Up You Clean It Up 0 Destroy a Blood Bag without triggering it to explode. 10
Throw The First Stone Throw The First Stone 0 Destroy your first Sin-Eater. 10
ICU ICU 0 Destroy your first Watcher. 10
Sucks To Be You Sucks To Be You 0 Destroy your first Siphon. 10
Faith Healer Faith Healer 0 Collect all grave locks. 35
Wounded Whispers Wounded Whispers 0 Collect your first grave lock. 10
Catch and Release Catch and Release 0 Rescue a civilian hostage. 10
From the Shadows From the Shadows 0 Destroy Gloria during The Key to Wellness. 10
A Cry in the Dark A Cry in the Dark 0 Destroy the Wailing Shadow. 10
Sisterhood Sisterhood 0 Discover the fate of the Blackwood sisters and collect their heirloom. 10
What Lies Below What Lies Below 0 Uncover the Irving family mausoleum. 10
Check, Please! Check, Please! 0 Loot the table 12 remnant. 10
Heart Attack Heart Attack 0 Destroy your first nest heart. 10
Empty Nest Syndrome Empty Nest Syndrome 0 Destroy a nest heart without waking or killing any vampires. 17
Starve the Beast Starve the Beast 0 Complete Metamorphosis without the vampire being nourished. 17
Someplace to Be Someplace to Be 0 Reach a landing site before the supplies land. 10
Skin of Their Teeth Skin of Their Teeth 0 Complete A Voice in the Dark with all hostages alive. 10
Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow 0 Disable foghorns before going to the Tempestas during Fall Like Lightning. 10
Bloody Initiate Bloody Initiate 0 Reach the end of the infiltration mission path during One of Us. 17
Sepsis Sepsis 0 Poison the Bellkeeper’s blood offering during One of Us. 17
So Anyway I Started Blasting So Anyway I Started Blasting 0 Break infiltration during One of Us by shooting a friendly cultist at the Campgrounds. 10
Right This Way Right This Way 0 Navigate the Psychic Woods without going through the wrong door. 17
Nice Try Nice Try 0 Go through the wrong door at least three times in the Psychic Woods. 10
Harvest’s End Harvest’s End 0 Kill The Harvestman during “The Festival.” 17
Blacklight Down Blacklight Down 0 Turn off Bellwether's defensive UV lights and leave them off. 10
Rum Runner Rum Runner 0 Enter Bellwether's stronghold via the bootlegger tunnel. 10
Under a Bushel Under a Bushel 0 Get the lamp without encountering The Keeper. 17
Enemy of My Enemy Enemy of My Enemy 0 Free Trevor Ash from the UV lights. 17
Dexterity Save Dexterity Save 0 Take the survival tips without triggering the tripwires. 35
Bob’s Final Hour Bob’s Final Hour 0 Kill Bob the Radio Host during Lost in the Fog after playing the PSA in Taking Back the Airwaves. 10
Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Complete all side missions in Redfall Commons. 35
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 Complete all side missions in Burial Point. 35
Curious Finch Curious Finch 0 Read Nurse Tran’s mother’s dedication in his birdwatching book. 10
Eagle Eyes Eagle Eyes 0 Complete The Lost Unit without triggering any Bellwether tripwires. 35
Friends 'Til The End Friends 'Til The End 0 Reach highest tier of trust with three other heroes at once. 17
I Spit On Your Grave I Spit On Your Grave 0 Steal Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch. 10

Secret Achievements

Deforestation Deforestation 0 Destroy the Burial Point blood tree. 10
Spit Take Spit Take 0 Destroy a Death Mist Spewer. 10
Saw That Coming Saw That Coming 0 Spot and avoid the cultist's trap. 10
Lights Out Lights Out 0 Cut the generator at the Coast Guard Station. 10
Say Goodbye, Joe Say Goodbye, Joe 0 Kill Joe Creelman. 17
Avenging the Good Doctor Avenging the Good Doctor 0 Avenge Dr. Hunt’s death by killing the vampire that killed him. 17