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Paint the Town Red Achievements

Full list of Paint the Town Red achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Paint the Town Red has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Sole Survivor Sole Survivor 0 Completed a Scenario level without modifiers 15
Bar Brawler Bar Brawler 0 Completed the Biker Bar in Challenge mode 15
Blood on the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor 0 Completed the Disco in Challenge mode 15
Jail Break Jail Break 0 Completed the Prison in Challenge mode 15
Swabbed the Deck Swabbed the Deck 0 Completed the Pirate Cove in Challenge mode 15
Rag Time Rag Time 0 Completed the Western Saloon in Challenge mode 15
Arena Challenger Arena Challenger 0 Completed an Arena challenge 20
Arena Gladiator Arena Gladiator 0 Completed 3 Arena challenges 30
Arena Champion Arena Champion 0 Completed 5 Arena challenges 80
Biker Bar Speedrun Biker Bar Speedrun 0 Completed the Biker Bar in Challenge mode in under 3:30 30
Prison Speedrun Prison Speedrun 0 Completed the Prison in Challenge mode in under 2:30 30
Saloon Speedrun Saloon Speedrun 0 Completed the Saloon in Challenge mode in under 3:30 30
Arena 1 Speedrun Arena 1 Speedrun 0 Completed Arena Challenge 1 in under 9:30 30
Go Beneath Go Beneath 0 Entered Beneath for the first time 15
Inevitable Inevitable 0 Died for the first time in Beneath 15
Ally Ally 0 Rescued the Apostate 30
Hunter Hunter 0 Defeated a Shard Lord 30
Upgrades Upgrades 0 Unlocked a permanent upgrade in Beneath 20
Powered Up Powered Up 0 Upgraded one of the Beneath classes 30
Progress Progress 0 Reached Crystal Caverns I 20
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Reached Ruins I 20
Resurrect This Resurrect This 0 Defeated the Necromancer 80
Into Another Dimension Into Another Dimension 0 Reached Islands I 20
Murder Island Murder Island 0 Defeated the Aberration 80
Ghost Trap Ghost Trap 0 Captured the Pursuer 40
Exorcism Exorcism 0 Destroyed the Jerk 40
Virtual Reality Virtual Reality 0 Reached The Construct 20
Post Traumatic Mess Post Traumatic Mess 0 Defeated the Trickster 80
Ancient Battlefield Ancient Battlefield 0 Reached Fire & Blood I 20
Hero Hero 0 Defeated The End 100