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Arietta of Spirits Achievements

Full list of Arietta of Spirits achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Arietta of Spirits has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The End of an Adventure The End of an Adventure 0 Complete the game. 100
Grandmaster Grandmaster 0 Complete the game on Extreme Mode. 100

Secret Achievements

Armed Up Armed Up 0 Obtain the Wooden Sword. 20
Bound Bound 0 Become a Bound. 20
Amped Up Toy Amped Up Toy 0 Obtain the Spirit Sword. 20
Family Heirloom Family Heirloom 0 Get to keep Grandma's Silver Ring. 20
Cabin in the Woods Cabin in the Woods 0 Find Minerva's Hut. 20
Weed Removal Weed Removal 0 Obtain the Herbicide. 20
The Conduit The Conduit 0 Unlock Spirit Shield. 20
The Hermit The Hermit 0 Find Gibb's Workshop. 20
The Climb The Climb 0 Ladders finally fixed. 20
Final Pages Final Pages 0 Complete the Journal. 20
Closure Closure 0 Help Minerva cross over to the afterlife. 20
Close Call Close Call 0 Escape from the Sunken Realm. 20
Wasp Queen Wasp Queen 0 Defeat the Wasp Queen. 50
Huge Roamer Huge Roamer 0 Defeat the Huge Roamer. 50
Spikeroot Roamer Spikeroot Roamer 0 Defeat the Spikeroot Roamer. 50
Cloaked Roamer Cloaked Roamer 0 Defeat the Cloaked Roamer. 50
Roamer Behemoth Roamer Behemoth 0 Defeat the Roamer Behemoth. 50
Sunken Behemoth Sunken Behemoth 0 Defeat the Sunken Behemoth. 50
Supply and Demand Supply and Demand 0 Return all Midri's lost items. 40
Reunited Reunited 0 Find all lost Spirit Cubs. 40
Small Roamer Core Small Roamer Core 0 Unlock the Small Roamer Core. 10
Medium Roamer Core Medium Roamer Core 0 Unlock the Medium Roamer Core. 30
Large Roamer Core Large Roamer Core 0 Unlock the Large Roamer Core. 50
The Outhouse Incident The Outhouse Incident 0 Help out Father in a sticky situation. 30
Berry Picking Berry Picking 0 Pick blueberries for Mom. 30
Harvester Harvester 0 Harvest all vegetables from the garden. 10
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded 0 Kill a butterfly. 10
Memories Memories 0 Find Grandma's portrait. 10