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WeakWood Throne Achievements

Full list of WeakWood Throne achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

WeakWood Throne has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Unscheduled Dinner Unscheduled Dinner 0 You delivered 5 pieces of crab to Lewis. 20
What to read? What to read? 0 You got Lewis's book back from his friend Martin. 20
Butterfly Hunter Butterfly Hunter 0 You caught the butterfly that was stolen from Martin. 20
Beef Stew Beef Stew 0 You delivered 6 carrots and 6 tomatoes to Lewis. 20
There were few fish There were few fish 0 You found Martin's sword near the Hermit's house. 30
Ferocious Snails Ferocious Snails 0 You killed some snails near Ernest's farm. 30
Ernest's Farm Ernest's Farm 0 You delivered 6 sunflower seeds to Ernest. 30
Rebecca Rebecca 0 You found Rebecca to the south of the capital. 30
Healing herbs for Rebecca Healing herbs for Rebecca 0 You collected 15 bush leaves for Zina. 30
Shark Patrol Shark Patrol 0 You killed the Shark Patrol to the west of the capital. 50
Buds for Tedd Buds for Tedd 0 You found 10 buds from the forest plants for Tedd. 30
Funflower field Funflower field 0 You found 10 sunflower seeds for Ned. 30
Ray West's experiments Ray West's experiments 0 You found 3 buds from the rare barbed plant. 50
Eustace and the carrot Eustace and the carrot 0 You delivered 6 carrots for Eustace. 30
Bets are bad Bets are bad 0 You found a butcher's knife for Larry. 50
Mint for Garry Mint for Garry 0 You collected 4 peppermint from around the capital for Garry. 30
Croco from neighboring farm Croco from neighboring farm 0 You found a shovel stolen by Croco from the neighboring farm. 50
Lillian Lillian 0 You defeated Lillian and took her key. 100
Crocozon Crocozon 0 You defeated Crocozon and took his key. 100
Sylvester Sylvester 0 You defeated Sylvester and took his key. 100
The Weakwood King The Weakwood King 0 You defeated The Weakwood King. 150