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Harvest Moon: One World Achievements

Full list of Harvest Moon: One World achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Harvest Moon: One World has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

One World Champion One World Champion 0 Unlock all achievements. 130
Legendary Angler Legendary Angler 0 Catch every type of fish. 70
Crop Master Crop Master 0 Harvest every type of crop. 70
Flower Master Flower Master 0 Harvest every type of flower. 70
Legendary Miner Legendary Miner 0 Mine every type of gem and ore. 70
Legendary Chef Legendary Chef 0 Cook every type of dish. 70
Contest Master Contest Master 0 Win in Advanced level in every contest, such as the Red Hot Cook-Off and Equestrian Challenge. 70
Novice Farmer Novice Farmer 0 Harvest the first crop you grew yourself. 15
First Step First Step 0 Set up your farm for the first time. 25
Novice Lumberjack Novice Lumberjack 0 Chop down a tree for the first time. 15
Novice Miner Novice Miner 0 Mine ore for the first time. 15
Novice Angler Novice Angler 0 Catch a fish for the first time. 15
Starting as Friends Starting as Friends 0 Become friends with someone. 15
A Thriving Business A Thriving Business 0 Total shipments of more than 1,000,000 G. 25
Gift Giver Gift Giver 0 Give lots of gifts to the townspeople. 25

Secret Achievements

Vivacious Vitae Vivacious Vitae 0 Get the Medallion near your home. 15
Solemn Soli Solemn Soli 0 Get the Medallion in Calisson. 15
Agitated Aqua Agitated Aqua 0 Get the Medallion in Halo Halo 15
Languid Lignum Languid Lignum 0 Get the Medallion in Pastilla. 15
Incredible Ignis Incredible Ignis 0 Get the Medallion in Lebkuchen. 15
Taciturn Tempus Taciturn Tempus 0 Get the Medallion in Salmiakki. 15
An Important Friend An Important Friend 0 Become better friends. 15
Always by your Side Always by your Side 0 Become friends on a deeper level. 25
An Irreplaceable Person An Irreplaceable Person 0 Become more than friends. 25
Down the Aisle Down the Aisle 0 Have a wedding. 25
Crystal of Love Crystal of Love 0 Have a child. 25
Safe Child Safe Child 0 Find your missing child. 25
A New World A New World 0 Your child grows up. 70