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Virtuous Western Achievements

Full list of Virtuous Western achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Virtuous Western has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

WELCOME TO WESTERN WELCOME TO WESTERN 0 Enter the first level of the game 40
FIRST BLOOD FIRST BLOOD 0 Shoot your first enemy 40
SHOOTING STRATEGY SHOOTING STRATEGY 0 Shoot an enemy while he is reloading 80
TRAITOR TRAITOR 0 Make two enemies shoot each other 80
SMASHED SMASHED 0 Smash an enemy with a box 80
EXPLODED EXPLODED 0 Blow up an enemy 80
WHAT DID I DO? WHAT DID I DO? 0 Make an enemy shoot a barrel of TNT 80
CHAIN EXPLOSION CHAIN EXPLOSION 0 Blow up several barrels of TNT in a row 80
THREE BULLETS THREE BULLETS 0 Collect 3 bullets in the same stage 80
THERE GOES BOMB THERE GOES BOMB 0 Blow up more than one enemy with just one dynamite 80
YOU ARE BIG, BUT YOU ARE NOT TWO YOU ARE BIG, BUT YOU ARE NOT TWO 0 Shoot down the shotgun enemy 80
BUTCH BILL BUTCH BILL 0 Defeat the boss 100
NEW SHERIFF NEW SHERIFF 0 Complete all stages 100