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Red Ronin Achievements

Full list of Red Ronin achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Red Ronin has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

You can't see me You can't see me 0 Hide from sniper triggering the cover animation 20
Persistent Persistent 0 Died 10 times in the same room 30
Stubborn Stubborn 0 Died 20 times in the same room 50
Slow Avenger Slow Avenger 0 Chatty escaped 20
Fast Avenger Fast Avenger 0 Didn't let Chatty Escape 30
Untouched Untouched 0 Finished the game without dying 150
Bang! Bang! 0 Defeated the Second Boss 30
Sniper's End Sniper's End 0 Defeated the Third Boss 30
Ronin at last Ronin at last 0 Defeated the last Boss 40
Thinker Thinker 0 Spent 1 minute without moving 30
Novice Warrior Novice Warrior 0 Performed a 4x combo 40
Intermediate Warrior Intermediate Warrior 0 Performed a 8x combo 50
Advanced Warrior Advanced Warrior 0 Performed a 16x combo or higher 60
I'm not cheating! I'm not cheating! 0 Activated the bot 10 times in the same room 20
Analyzer Analyzer 0 Spent 1 minute in Tactic Mode 20
Red Ronin Red Ronin 0 Finished the Game 80
I can walk I can walk 0 Started to walk normally 20
Student Student 0 Read all of the targets files 20
Like a Snake Like a Snake 0 Completed the first Memory Unit 30
Escaping From Hell Escaping From Hell 0 Completed the third Memory Unit 30
Released Released 0 Completed the fourth Memory Unit 30
Faster Than Light Faster Than Light 0 Finished the game in 1 hour or less 100

Secret Achievements

Not this Time Not this Time 0 Blocked a hit from the enemy 20
The Crazy 20! The Crazy 20! 0 Finished the arena room 50