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Treasures of the Aegean Achievements

Full list of Treasures of the Aegean achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Treasures of the Aegean has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

What A Relic! What A Relic! 0 Found the first treasure 15
Relic aficionado Relic aficionado 0 Found 10 treasures 30
Antique expert Antique expert 0 Found 50 treasures 80
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter 0 Found all treasures 80
The Missing Pieces The Missing Pieces 0 Completed the Prohpecy 90
The End The End 0 Completed the game 90
The Eye Of The Gods The Eye Of The Gods 0 Activated the temple machine 30
The King's Throne The King's Throne 0 Activated the throne machine 30
The Beautiful Melody The Beautiful Melody 0 Activated the music machine 30
The Story of Minos The Story of Minos 0 Revealed King Mino's past 90
Into The Unknown Into The Unknown 0 Completed the tutorial 15
The End Of The World? The End Of The World? 0 Completed the first loop 90
Kiss of Kitane Kiss of Kitane 0 Unlocked Kitane's power 30
Embrace of Ariadnh Embrace of Ariadnh 0 Unlocked Ariadnh's power 30
Gust of Bansabira Gust of Bansabira 0 Unlocked Bansabira's power 30
Priestess Varuna Priestess Varuna 0 Revealed the story of Varuna 30
The Escape The Escape 0 Escaped from the explosion 15
An uncomfortable past An uncomfortable past 0 Completed Linn's flashback 15
The Paris Escape The Paris Escape 0 Completed the Paris Flashback 15
Dodge a Bullet Dodge a Bullet 0 Escaped from a shooting enemy 15
Old Fiend Old Fiend 0 Met Linn 15
What Was That? What Was That? 0 Interactes with a spirit 15
Spooky Informators Spooky Informators 0 Interactes with all spirits 90
Professional Thief Professional Thief 0 Stole the Minotaur Urn 30