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Monopoly Madness Achievements

Full list of Monopoly Madness achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monopoly Madness has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Construction Worker Construction Worker 0 Bulldoze a building! 50
Master Painter Master Painter 0 Get the Master Painter Bonus! 25
Ripped Off Ripped Off 0 Get the Ripped Off Bonus! 25
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Get the Big Spender Bonus! 25
Bulldog Bulldog 0 Get the Bidder Bonus! 25
Villain Villain 0 Get the Villain Bonus! 25
Powerup Champion Powerup Champion 0 Get the Powerup Champion Bonus! 25
Renovation King Renovation King 0 Get the Renovation King Bonus! 25
Slow as a Snail Slow as a Snail 0 Get the Slow as a Snail Bonus! 25
Real Estate Magnate Real Estate Magnate 0 Get the Real Estate Magnate Bonus! 25
Mermaid Mermaid 0 Get the H2O Bonus! 25
High Voltage High Voltage 0 Get the High Voltage Bonus! 25
Sitting Duck Sitting Duck 0 Get the Sitting Duck Bonus! 25
Goat Goat 0 Get the Goat Bonus! 25
Auctioneer Auctioneer 0 Get the Auctioneer Bonus! 25
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball 0 Get the Wrecking Ball Bonus! 25
Trade Union Trade Union 0 Get the Trade Union Bonus! 25
Go Getter Go Getter 0 Get the Mileage Bonus! 25
Runner Up Runner Up 0 Get the Empty Handed Bonus! 25
Thief Thief 0 Steal a property! 50
No-Nonsense No-Nonsense 0 Play a 5 min match! 25
Busy Bee Busy Bee 0 Play a 15 min match! 25
First Timer First Timer 0 Win an auction! 50
Full Party Full Party 0 Play a game with 6 players! 50

Secret Achievements

Catwalk Catwalk 0 Win a game with a cosmetic hat on! 50
Mule Mule 0 Have a full loadout of maximum resources and more than M100 100
Bird Tamer Bird Tamer 0 Hit multiple players with the Magpie Powerup! 100
Tie Breaker Tie Breaker 0 Win a draw by having more money (same amount of property medals and properties) 50