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Path of Giants Achievements

Full list of Path of Giants achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Path of Giants has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A helping head A helping head 0 Boost up on an explorer 30
Leave no man behind Leave no man behind 0 Boost down on an explorer 30
Relic smasher Relic smasher 0 Break 7 pots in 7 seconds 60
Around I go Around I go 0 Get onto a spinning platform that you control 40
Turn back time Turn back time 0 Get unstuck after being stuck 40
Let's try this again Let's try this again 0 Undo 12 times in a row 40
Thrill seeker Thrill seeker 0 Ride 30 elevators 50
Open sesame Open sesame 0 Enter the hidden chamber 80
Ready for summer Ready for summer 0 Complete Winterfest 60
Foresight Foresight 0 Complete any Winterfest island without using undo 60
Scavenger Scavenger 0 Collect ALL the coins 120
Pathfinder Pathfinder 0 Complete 12 levels without using undo 80

Secret Achievements

Woo! Woo! 0 Get an explorer to say "Woo!" 40
Near sighted Near sighted 0 Smash a distant pot in level 9 40
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Find the Lantri! 120
Gold!!!! Gold!!!! 0 Discover the hidden treasure 70
All aboard! All aboard! 0 Find the sneaky coin in level 17 40