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Rhythm of the Gods Achievements

Full list of Rhythm of the Gods achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rhythm of the Gods has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Haven't I been here before Haven't I been here before 0 Completed Sunwrought Pass in Timewarp 94
Wait, It's all boombox? Wait, It's all boombox? 0 Completed The Neon Drift in Timewarp 99
Highflyer Highflyer 0 Completed The Neon Drift with a full combo 97
Trailblazer Trailblazer 0 Completed Sunwrought Pass with a full combo 96
Let's do the Timewarp Let's do the Timewarp 0 Completed all remixed levels to unlock Timewarp mode 98
Rhythm Legend Rhythm Legend 0 Completed Sunwrought Pass in Timewarp with a full combo! 100
Here I go again Here I go again 0 Completed Olympian Rift in Timewarp 95
Close Call Close Call 0 Completed a level with a single heart left 50
Reverie Sea Reverie Sea 0 Completed Reverie Sea 25
Rhythm Runner Rhythm Runner 0 Played Marathon for at least 4 minutes without dying 30
Protostar Canyon Protostar Canyon 0 Completed Protostar Canyon 25
The Radiant Reef The Radiant Reef 0 Completed the Radiant Reef 26
Simulation Surf Simulation Surf 0 Completed Simulation Surf 28
Life of the Party Life of the Party 0 Completed Olympian Rift 30
A bone to pick A bone to pick 0 Defeated 10 Skeletons 10
Die Already! Die Already! 0 Defeated 10 armoured skeletons 10
8 MILLION?! 8 MILLION?! 0 Destroyed 10 vases 10
Get down from there! Get down from there! 0 Defeated 10 harpies 10
Mmmm Squishy Mmmm Squishy 0 Defeated 10 Slimes 10
Make like a tree and leaf Make like a tree and leaf 0 Defeated 10 dryads 10
Don't Blink Don't Blink 0 Defeated 10 gorgons 11
Watch your step... Watch your step... 0 You fell into a pitfall 1
Sunwrought Pass Sunwrought Pass 0 Completed Sunwrought Pass 15
The Neon Drift The Neon Drift 0 Completed The Neon Drift 20