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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Achievements

Full list of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Baller Baller 0 Score on the basketball court in Versum Hill 60
In the flow In the flow 0 Keep your combo going for 4 minutes 75
Iron legs Iron legs 0 Fall and land on your feet from 8 floors high 20
Flying rats begone Flying rats begone 0 Chase away all pigeons from High Square in Brink Terminal 25
State Of The Art State Of The Art 0 Cover an entire stage with unique Graffiti pieces 100
Photo Generic Photo Generic 0 Take 17 pictures of Polo the scuba mascot 75
Funk Star Funk Star 0 Get 6 star heat 35
Versum Hill Tricked Versum Hill Tricked 0 Hit a 13.000.000 score combo in Versum Hill. 50
Versum Hill Bombed Versum Hill Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Versum Hill. 20
Hideout Tricked Hideout Tricked 0 Hit a 2.500.000 score combo in Hideout. 50
Hideout Bombed Hideout Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Hideout. 20
Millenium Mall Tricked Millenium Mall Tricked 0 Hit a 12.000.000 score combo in Millenium Mall. 50
Millenium Mall Bombed Millenium Mall Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Millenium Mall. 20
Mataan Tricked Mataan Tricked 0 Hit a 16.000.000 score combo in Mataan. 50
Mataan Bombed Mataan Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Mataan. 20
Pyramid Island Tricked Pyramid Island Tricked 0 Hit a 15.000.000 score combo in Pyramid Island. 50
Pyramid Island Bombed Pyramid Island Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Pyramid Island. 20
Millenium Square Tricked Millenium Square Tricked 0 Hit a 1.200.000 score combo in Millenium Square. 50
Millenium Square Bombed Millenium Square Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Millenium Square. 20
Brink Terminal Tricked Brink Terminal Tricked 0 Hit a 14.000.000 score combo in Brink Terminal. 50
Brink Terminal Bombed Brink Terminal Bombed 0 Hit all graffiti spots in Brink Terminal. 20

Secret Achievements

Nice Nice 0 69 second manual 20
Now go outside Now go outside 0 Defeat the final boss. 100