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Super Cyborg Achievements

Full list of Super Cyborg achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Super Cyborg has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Eye surgery Eye surgery 0 Destroy level-1 boss 15
Heart attack Heart attack 0 Destroy level-2 boss 15
Out of misery Out of misery 0 Destroy level-3 miniboss 15
Insect control Insect control 0 Destroy level-3 boss 15
Cyborg for dinner Cyborg for dinner 0 Destroy level-4 miniboss 15
Arachnophobic Arachnophobic 0 Destroy level-4 boss 15
Intestinator Intestinator 0 Destroy level-5 miniboss 15
Disturbed symbiosis Disturbed symbiosis 0 Destroy level-5 boss 15
Empty shell Empty shell 0 Destroy level-6 boss 15
Survival of the fittest Survival of the fittest 0 Destroy level-7 boss 15
Total devastation Total devastation 0 Destroy level-7 final boss 20
Savior of the universe Savior of the universe 0 Complete the game on 'Easy' difficulty 30
Hero for ages Hero for ages 0 Complete the game on 'Normal' difficulty 30
Inhuman Inhuman 0 Complete the game on 'Hard' difficulty 70
The ultimate team The ultimate team 0 Complete the game on any difficulty setting in coop mode 30
Godlike Godlike 0 Complete the game on any difficulty setting with no deaths 90
Ultra Ultimate Super Cyborg Ultra Ultimate Super Cyborg 0 Complete the game on 'Hard' difficulty with no deaths 90
Addicted to destruction Addicted to destruction 0 Complete the game on any difficulty setting 2 times in a row 80
Gunslinger Gunslinger 0 Complete the game on any difficulty setting using only default weapon 90
Super deadman Super deadman 0 Die 100 times 10
Explorer Explorer 0 Find all hidden power-ups 30
Life stealer Life stealer 0 Steal a life from other player in coop mode 10
Real power Real power 0 Use maximum charged fire for all weapons 15
Extended existence Extended existence 0 Earn an extra life 15
Collector Collector 0 Collect all power-ups in the game including all hidden power-ups 30
Seasoned Seasoned 0 Earn 500000 score 90
Band of followers Band of followers 0 Gather 10 walkers on the screen on level-6 15
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0 Kill 10 enemies with one shot 30
Good listener Good listener 0 Listen all tracks in music test menu (complete the game on 'Normal' difficulty to unlock it) 15

Secret Achievements

Flesh and bones Flesh and bones 0 Start the game as human 15
Freedom to crawlers Freedom to crawlers 0 Don't kill the crawlers on level-2 15
Heavy lifting Heavy lifting 0 Don't kill the tongue climbers at the elevator on level-7 15
Squashed Squashed 0 Get squashed by the roof during the final boss encounter 15