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The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante Achievements

Full list of The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Newborn Newborn 0 Make it into the world. 5
Juvenile Juvenile 0 Leave your childhood years behind you. 10
Neophyte Neophyte 0 Grow up to become a young man. 15
Coming of Age Coming of Age 0 Reach the threshold of adulthood. 20
True Death True Death 0 Experience True Death and leave the realm of mortals forever. 25
Revelation Revelation 0 Learn the ways of the world. 5
Trampled Trampled 0 Spare Sophia an early death. 10
Favorite Grandson Favorite Grandson 0 Earn Gregor Brante's respect. 15
Deathless Deathless 0 Reach the end of your path without suffering a single lesser death. 100
From Birth Till Death From Birth Till Death 0 Live your entire life without ever looking back. 50
Matters of the Heart Matters of the Heart 0 Experience first love. 5
Nobleman's Path Nobleman's Path 0 Go to study at the Imperial College. 25
Clergyman's Path Clergyman's Path 0 Go to study at the Divine Seminary. 25
The Lotless The Lotless 0 Make the choice to remain a commoner. 25
Family Exodus Family Exodus 0 Your family fled the burning Anizotte. 20
Family Rescued Family Rescued 0 Your family survived the Revolt. 20
Family Lost Family Lost 0 Your family perished in the fire of the Revolt. 20
The Great Escape The Great Escape 0 Escape the burning city of Anizotte. 25
Historical Figure Historical Figure 0 Survive the Revolt and write your name in history. 75
Foot of the Pillar Foot of the Pillar 0 Have your soul be condemned to suffer at the Foot of the Pillar. 40
Peak of the Pillar Peak of the Pillar 0 Have your soul reach the Peak of the Pillar. 40
Helming the Revolt Helming the Revolt 0 Become the leader of all the rebel forces in Anizotte. 75
Insurgent Insurgent 0 Side with the rebels. 50
Defender of the Empire Defender of the Empire 0 Side with the imperial loyalists. 50
Heir to the House Heir to the House 0 Become the heir to the Brante family. 50
Gloria Brante Gloria Brante 0 Make Gloria a recognized member of the Brante family. 75
Arsenal Arsenal 0 Arm the Last Straw forces with rifles. 30
Mind your Own Honor! Mind your Own Honor! 0 Ban Courts of Honor across the province of Magra. 30
Sealed Lips Sealed Lips 0 Save the Lotless from extermination. 30
Exalted Family Exalted Family 0 Make the Brantes the most renowned young noble family in Anizotte. 35