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Real Heroes: Firefighter HD Achievements

Full list of Real Heroes: Firefighter HD achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Real Heroes: Firefighter HD has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Probie Probie 0 Complete the game on Easy 40
Well Done Well Done 0 Complete the game on Normal 40
Fire Champ Fire Champ 0 Complete the game on Hard 70
Gear Up Gear Up 0 Acquire your first piece of special equipment 40
Red Hot Red Hot 0 Acquire all pieces of Red Hot equipment 40
Antique Collector Antique Collector 0 Acquire all pieces of Medieval equipment 40
Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade 0 Acquire all pieces of special equipment 70
Tinder Foot Tinder Foot 0 Acquire your first Fire Cause Determination medal 20
Inferno Inspector Inferno Inspector 0 Acquire half of all Fire Cause Determination medals 40
Sleuth of Scorch Sleuth of Scorch 0 Acquire all Fire Cause Determination medals 70
Super Soaker Super Soaker 0 Spray 20,000 gallons of water 20
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Put out 12,000 fires 20
Smoke Eater Smoke Eater 0 Complete a level after surviving a near death experience 40
Can Jockey Can Jockey 0 Use 5 full fire extinguishers 20
Berserker Berserker 0 Break 350 objects 20
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer 0 Slay 2 dragons 70

Secret Achievements

Head of the Class Head of the Class 0 Completed the Tutorial 20
Warming Up Warming Up 0 Complete the Industrial Park 20
Mall Rat Mall Rat 0 Complete the Mall 20
Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch 0 Complete the Neighborhood 20
Sky Scraper Sky Scraper 0 Complete the High Rise 40
Peanut Gallery Peanut Gallery 0 Complete the Museum 40
Weird Science Weird Science 0 Complete the Lab 40
Bridge the Gap Bridge the Gap 0 Complete the Bridge 70
Roller Toaster Roller Toaster 0 Complete the Amusement Park 70