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Escape Academy Achievements

Full list of Escape Academy achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Escape Academy has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Next Stop: Escape Academy Next Stop: Escape Academy 0 Escape "Introductions." 25
Lock Buster Lock Buster 0 Open 10 locks. 25
Key to the Campus Key to the Campus 0 Open 30 locks. 50
Honor Roll Honor Roll 0 Earn a B+ or better on 10 Escapes. 75
Overachiever Overachiever 0 Earn an A+ on 10 Escapes. 100
Killer Cardio Killer Cardio 0 Sprint for over 400 meters. 25
Chatterbox Chatterbox 0 Have 8 side conversations with characters on campus. 30
Extra, Extra! Extra, Extra! 0 Read 10 different editions of "The Escapist Times." 30
Spin Specialist Spin Specialist 0 Solve Eel's Rotating Chambers in under 8 moves. 50
Dead-Volt Dead-Volt 0 Solve Eel's Battery Lock in under 10 moves. 50
Groovin', Baby! Groovin', Baby! 0 Solve Quanty's Disco Fever with a partner. 25
Study Buddies Study Buddies 0 Complete three Escapes with a partner. 30
Exchange Students Exchange Students 0 Give at least 5 items to your partner. 10
Musical Prodigy Musical Prodigy 0 Find a way to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb." 25
Thresher Rusher Thresher Rusher 0 Escape "Under Pressure" in under three minutes. 50

Secret Achievements

Entrance Examined Entrance Examined 0 Escape "The Entrance Exam." 25
Paint Outside the Box Paint Outside the Box 0 Escape "Escape Artist." 25
Ticket to Breathin' Town Ticket to Breathin' Town 0 Escape "Under Pressure." 25
Remote Rescue Remote Rescue 0 Escape "The Breakout." 25
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshake Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshake 0 Escape "Trial By Taste." 25
Tea Hot to Handle Tea Hot to Handle 0 Escape "The Tea Kettle." 25
Machine Learning Machine Learning 0 Escape "Lab Rat." 25
Apex First Year Apex First Year 0 Escape "The Rival Room." 50
Stop, Drop, and Solve! Stop, Drop, and Solve! 0 Escape "Where There's Smoke." 25
Detonation Denied Detonation Denied 0 Escape "Tea 'N Tea." 25
School Sleuth School Sleuth 0 Escape "The Confrontation." 25
You've Escaped! You've Escaped! 0 Escape "What Lies Below." 100