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Infinite Links Achievements

Full list of Infinite Links achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Infinite Links has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Unfamiliar Footprints Unfamiliar Footprints 0 Walked 50,000 steps. 10
Firm Footprints Firm Footprints 0 Walked 250,000 steps. 20
Legendary Footprints Legendary Footprints 0 Walked 500,000 steps. 30
New Explorer New Explorer 0 Collected 50 treasure chests. 10
Skilled Explorer Skilled Explorer 0 Collected 100 treasure chests. 20
Top-Notch Explorer Top-Notch Explorer 0 Collected 200 treasure chests. 30
Brave Conqueror Brave Conqueror 0 Defeated 100 enemies. 10
Powerful Conqueror Powerful Conqueror 0 Defeated 500 enemies. 20
Experienced Conqueror Experienced Conqueror 0 Defeated 1,500 enemies. 30
Rookie of Combining Rookie of Combining 0 Combined 20 times. 10
Master of Combining Master of Combining 0 Combined 40 times. 20
Lord of Combining Lord of Combining 0 Combined 100 times. 30
True Philanthropist True Philanthropist 0 Cleared all subquests. 100
Beginner Defeater Beginner Defeater 0 Cleared the Beginner level of the Arena. 10
Intermediate Defeater Intermediate Defeater 0 Cleared the Intermediate level of the Arena. 30
Advanced Defeater Advanced Defeater 0 Cleared the Advanced level of the Arena. 50
Expert Defeater Expert Defeater 0 Cleared the Expert level of the Arena. 100

Secret Achievements

Days of Training Days of Training 0 Watched the opening. 10
Ominous Premonition Ominous Premonition 0 The Talisman researcher girl joined the party. 10
A Journey to Save Serene A Journey to Save Serene 0 Set off for a journey to find the Angel and the Holy Talisman. 10
Beyond Sadness Beyond Sadness 0 The young bard joined the party. 10
Revival of the Ancient Angel Revival of the Ancient Angel 0 The legendary Angel joined the party. 10
Revival of the Ancient Berserker Revival of the Ancient Berserker 0 The Berserker took Serene as his master. 20
Leader of the Bandits Leader of the Bandits 0 Discovered the identity of the leader of the Moreph Brothers. 20
The Council The Council 0 Obtained the ship. 20
The Truth of Wiston Village The Truth of Wiston Village 0 Discovered the reason of the Wiston Village fall. 20
To the Hope Ruins To the Hope Ruins 0 Obtained the airship. 30
The Truth of the Battle of Good and Evil The Truth of the Battle of Good and Evil 0 Obtained the Holy Talisman. 30
Chief Liegg's True Identity Chief Liegg's True Identity 0 Chief Liegg was a vassal of Alzoph. 30
The Evil Wizard The Evil Wizard 0 Serene was a descendant of the ancient Evil wizard Theresa. 30
The Evil Vortex The Evil Vortex 0 The Evil Vortex that brings the world to end appeared. 50
Darkest History Darkest History 0 Watched the normal ending. 70
Infinite Links Infinite Links 0 Watched the happy ending. 100