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Super Mombo Quest Achievements

Full list of Super Mombo Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Super Mombo Quest has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Balancing the Forces Balancing the Forces 0 Defeat the King of Nightmares 100
Plumber Cowboy Plumber Cowboy 0 Defeat the MegaDrill 50
Feline Virus Feline Virus 0 Defeat the Lasercat 50
Eye-opener Eye-opener 0 Defeat the Green Smasher 50
Bacon Barbecue Bacon Barbecue 0 Defeat the Swine Emperor 50
Finding Grandpa Finding Grandpa 0 Rescue Thoma 50
Lost Teacher Lost Teacher 0 Rescue Philomen 50
Ordering Trinkets Ordering Trinkets 0 Rescue Alfred 50
Warming Up Warming Up 0 Rescue Adamastor 50
Cataloging Samples Cataloging Samples 0 Rescue Ursula 50
End of Times End of Times 0 Reach the Maleficent Momboland region 100
Tree Climber Tree Climber 0 Reach the Towering Tree region 50
Forest Ranger Forest Ranger 0 Reach the Fungal Forest region 50
Starting the Journey Starting the Journey 0 Reach the Monster Trail region 50
Rusty Path Rusty Path 0 Reach the Mechanical Maze region 50
Cybernetic Egypt Cybernetic Egypt 0 Reach the Prismatic Pyramids region 50
Arid Path Arid Path 0 Reach the Desolate Desert region 50
It's hot in here It's hot in here 0 Reach the Voracious Volcano region 50