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Red Siren: Space Defense Achievements

Full list of Red Siren: Space Defense achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Red Siren: Space Defense has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The War has begun The War has begun 0 Completed the first level 20
Drop dead Drop dead 0 Killed an enemy jet with bombs. 15
Speedrun Speedrun 0 Finished a mission in less then 15 seconds. 25
Reign of fire Reign of fire 0 Finished a mission only using bombs. 50
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Finished a mission without taking any damage. 50
Tanks for the kills Tanks for the kills 0 Destroyed over 400 tanks. 50
Clay pidgeons Clay pidgeons 0 Shot down over 200 jets. 50
Full metal jacket Full metal jacket 0 Bought a machine gun. 10
Bombastic Bombastic 0 Equipped bombs for the first time. 10
Specialist Specialist 0 Equipped a special weapon for the first time. 10
Missile crisis Missile crisis 0 Equipped rockets for the first time. 10
Fully kitted Fully kitted 0 Equipped a ship with all types of weapons. 25
Red Siren Red Siren 0 Unlocked the Red Siren ship. 50
Nifty Nifty 0 Fully upgraded a ship. 25
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Spent over 1000000 credits. 75
Overpowerupped Overpowerupped 0 Used 5 or more powerups within a single mission. 50
Superpowered Superpowered 0 Used over a 100 powerups. 50
Ace pilot Ace pilot 0 Finished all missions. 75
Aerial dominance Aerial dominance 0 Finished all missions with a 3 star rating. 100
Flotilla Flotilla 0 All ships acquired, and fully upgraded. 100
Completionist Completionist 0 Unlocked all achievements. 150