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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Achievements

Full list of Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Cupid bow moustache Cupid bow moustache 0 Finish the Andover inquiry. 5
Kaiser moustache Kaiser moustache 0 Question the main suspect. 10
Imperial moustache Imperial moustache 0 Unmask the murderer. 25
Cat's eye Cat's eye 0 Finish an observation. 5
Falcon's eye Falcon's eye 0 Finish half of the observations. 10
Eagle's eye Eagle's eye 0 Finish all the observations. 25
Neuron Neuron 0 Answer a little grey cells question. 5
Synapse Synapse 0 Answer half of the little grey cells questions. 10
Cortex Cortex 0 Answer all the little grey cells questions. 25
Rustic confessional Rustic confessional 0 Finish an inquiry. 5
Gothic confessional Gothic confessional 0 Finish all the inquiries. 25
Four-leaf clover Four-leaf clover 0 Tidy up once. 10
Snowflake Snowflake 0 Tidy up twice. 25
Cesium-133 crystal Cesium-133 crystal 0 Tidy up three times. 50
Small donkey Small donkey 0 Make a mistake. 10
Medium donkey Medium donkey 0 Make four mistakes. 25
Large donkey Large donkey 0 Make eight mistakes. 100
Purring Pussy Purring Pussy 0 Make yourself comfortable once. 10
Cleaning Pussy Cleaning Pussy 0 Take care of your moustache. 200
Single gear Single gear 0 Solve a riddle. 5
Double gear Double gear 0 Solve half the riddles. 10
Quadruple gear Quadruple gear 0 Solve all the riddles. 25
Newspaper Newspaper 0 Read a newspaper. 10
Stone Stone 0 Read a newspaper that criticises you. 10
Incense burner Incense burner 0 Read the latest newspaper. 10
Einstein moustache Einstein moustache 0 The viewpoint of a sick old lady has as much value as that of a pretty and young girl. 5
Fantastical moustache Fantastical moustache 0 Have discussed porcelain with Thora Grey. 5
Samurai moustache Samurai moustache 0 Have opened the secret cupboard of Sir Carmichael's secretary. 5
Gandhi moustache Gandhi moustache 0 Have opted for a non-violent end by choosing blank bullets. 25
Sheriff moustache Sheriff moustache 0 Have saved Donbar's life over the telephone. 150
Dali moustache Dali moustache 0 Have made Mary Drower cry. 30
Black swan Black swan 0 Have caused Donbar's heart attack over the telephone. 10
Thor's hammer Thor's hammer 0 Have successfully completed Thora Grey's second interrogation 5
Telescope Telescope 0 Have searched the entire Churston manor. 5
Black dragon Black dragon 0 Have found all the black dragons in Churston. 10
Dragon's smoke Dragon's smoke 0 Have accused Thora Grey of black magic. 25
Secret heart Secret heart 0 Have discovered Thora Grey's intentions. 5
Red cross Red cross 0 Have helped Lady Cust and A.B. Cust. 5
Gold paper knife Gold paper knife 0 Have successfully compared all the murderer's letters. 5
Romanic confessional Romanic confessional 0 Finish half of the inquiries. 10

Secret Achievements

Walrus moustache Walrus moustache 0 Tell Japp about the second crime. 5
Pyramidal moustache Pyramidal moustache 0 Finish the Bexhill inquiry. 5
Marshal moustache Marshal moustache 0 Prepare to leave for Churston. 5
Pencil moustache Pencil moustache 0 Finish the first inquiry in Churston. 5
Curve and swoop moustache Curve and swoop moustache 0 Assemble all the suspects in Whitehaven. 5
Hungarian moustache Hungarian moustache 0 Finish searching the Churston mansion. 5
Handlebar moustache Handlebar moustache 0 Prevent the fourth crime. 5
Candelabra moustache Candelabra moustache 0 Inquire at the main suspect's home. 5
Nietzsche moustache Nietzsche moustache 0 Finish the last meeting. 5
Freud moustache Freud moustache 0 Interpret Donald's dream 5