Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Achievements

Artifex Mundi
Artifex Mundi

There are 18 achievements with a total of 980 points.

People Person People Person 0 Talk to everyone at the inn. 30
First of Many First of Many 0 Find your first steambug. 20
Entomologist Entomologist 0 Find all Hochwald steambugs. 100
Master Debugger Master Debugger 0 Find all castle steambugs. 100
Catch Them All Catch Them All 0 Find all underground steambugs. 100
Spy Master Spy Master 0 Complete the game on Expert Difficulty. 150
Prequel Prequel 0 Finish the bonus chapter. 50
No Skipping No Skipping 0 Finish 3 minigames without skipping. 30
Marksman Marksman 0 Complete a HO scene without more than a single mistake. 50
The Challenge The Challenge 0 Solve all minigames without skipping. 75
Undercover Agent Undercover Agent 0 Complete the game on Normal Difficulty. 75

Secret Achievements

Amongst Bugs Amongst Bugs 0 Finish your first FROG puzzle. 20
Too Many Legs Too Many Legs 0 Get rid of Barber's Myriapod. 30
Hello, Birdie Hello, Birdie 0 Get Matthew up and running. 30
Gliding Over All Gliding Over All 0 Get to Barber's castle. 30
Even Deeper Even Deeper 0 Enter Barber’s underground laboratory. 30
My Savior My Savior 0 Rescue Dr. Ink. 30
World Owes You World Owes You 0 Destroy Barber’s Tremor Machine. 30