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Amazing Princess Sarah Achievements

Full list of Amazing Princess Sarah achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Amazing Princess Sarah has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Thank you for watching! Thank you for watching! 0 Watch game's intro until the end 50
Princess, save the king! Princess, save the king! 0 Rescue Sarah's father 100
The real PeaceWalker The real PeaceWalker 0 Complete a castle without killing anyone but the boss 50
What a healthy girl! What a healthy girl! 0 Reach a save statue while being at full health 50
Mirror kill Mirror kill 0 Defeat the chasing ghost in Angry Princess 100
That was really close That was really close 0 Reach a save statue while having only one health point left 50
Let's have a quickie Let's have a quickie 0 Complete a castle in less than 6 minutes while being drunk 100
Awesome combo Awesome combo 0 Make 8 hit combo 50
Lovely level Lovely level 0 Let Sarah reach level 69 50
Slap that Fatty Slap that Fatty 0 Defeat a Fatty with a slap 100
The great Killer Vampire The great Killer Vampire 0 Kill at least 500 enemies in a level while being a vampire 100
Destroy the evil Destroy the evil 0 Defeat the Greater Lilith 200