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Oxyjet Achievements

Full list of Oxyjet achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Oxyjet has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

World Traveler World Traveler 0 Play a full round of every arena in Oxyjet 10
Anti-Thrust Maneuver Anti-Thrust Maneuver 0 Use a shockwave powerup to avoid being hit by a speedboost powerup 80
The Old Switcheroo The Old Switcheroo 0 Switch places with the other ship right before missiles explode 90
The Expert The Expert 0 Defeat the hardest AI 90
Close Call Close Call 0 Win by 1% Oxygen 70
Ramming Speed Ramming Speed 0 Ram into the other ship's side at high speed 30
Sumo Sumo 0 Sumo with the other ship continuously for 5 seconds 40
Champion Champion 0 Win 3 matches online 120
Competitor Competitor 0 Play and finish 10 matches online 110
Unboxyng Unboxyng 0 Activate one of each powerup in one round 40
Humiliation Humiliation 0 Win with more than half of your oxygen bar left 60
Beam Me Up Beam Me Up 0 Pick up a powerup that have been in your tractor beam for more than 10 seconds 50
Beat Me Up Beat Me Up 0 Get hit by 200 missiles 20
Set Melancoil To Hole Set Melancoil To Hole 0 Get hit by 145 lasers 30
This is Sparta! This is Sparta! 0 Receive 300 or more oxygen on a single ship during a round 70
Big Ox Big Ox 0 Receive a BIG OXYGEN powerup 20
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming 0 Activate a power up 30
Pop pop pop Pop pop pop 0 Actively pop 250 spores 40