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Dogfight - A Sausage Bomber Story Achievements

Full list of Dogfight - A Sausage Bomber Story achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dogfight - A Sausage Bomber Story has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Relishtonia Relishtonia 0 Complete the Relishtonia mission 50
Salty Skies Salty Skies 0 Complete the Salty Skies mission 50
Soda Mountain Soda Mountain 0 Complete the Soda Mountain mission 50
Krautsbourg Krautsbourg 0 Complete the Krautsbourg mission 50
Ketchup Isles Ketchup Isles 0 Complete the Ketchup Isles mission 50
Cayenne Canyon Cayenne Canyon 0 Complete the Cayenne Canyon mission 50
Dijon Terre Dijon Terre 0 Complete the Dijon Terre mission 50
Curry Cave Curry Cave 0 Complete the Curry Cave mission 50
Fredonia Fredonia 0 Complete the Fredonia mission 50
Atomic Atomic 0 Play through the game on Atomic difficulty 150
Faster Faster 0 Beat your best time for the same difficulty on a speedrun 50
Double up Double up 0 Complete the game twice 50
The whole shebang The whole shebang 0 Unlock all weapons 100
Speedy Speedy 0 Complete all missions under 30 minutes 100
Catch em all Catch em all 0 Finish a mission without letting a single enemy get away 100