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Alan Wake 2 Achievements

Full list of Alan Wake 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Alan Wake 2 has 66 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Escape its Gravity Escape its Gravity 0 Use a Hand Flare to escape an enemy Grapple 10
This is the Moment This is the Moment 0 Dodge at the last minute to avoid an enemy attack 10
Not the Last Not the Last 0 Pick up the first Manuscript Page 10
Shining in the Night Shining in the Night 0 Ignite a Hand Flare to keep enemies at bay 10
Secret Stashes Secret Stashes 0 Discover one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box 10
Finding a Way Finding a Way 0 Find the Screwdriver 10
Cut Short Cut Short 0 Find the Boltcutters 10
Chased the Source Chased the Source 0 Destroy a Source Point 10
Darkness Coiled Darkness Coiled 0 Destroy a Darkness Shield 10
Strange Reality Strange Reality 0 Solve five Nursery Rhyme puzzles 15
The Koskela Brothers The Koskela Brothers 0 Watch all Koskela brother commercials 15
Aimed Ahead Aimed Ahead 0 Defeat five enemies with headshots 20
Coffee Thermos Coffee Thermos 0 Discover a Break Room 10
Felt Good Felt Good 0 Use a Healing Item 10
Stop the Monster Stop the Monster 0 Interrupt a Taken Thrower's relocation attempt with the Flashlight Boost 10
Growing Stronger Growing Stronger 0 Upgrade any weapon once 10
All Smiles All Smiles 0 Fully upgrade a single weapon 30
Carry his Words Carry his Words 0 Discover a Word of Power 10
Nightmare Territory Nightmare Territory 0 Pick up a map 10
Grew Bigger Grew Bigger 0 Upgrade the inventory's size 10
I'll Find You I'll Find You 0 Find all Nursery Rhyme dolls 30
Stunning Vistas Stunning Vistas 0 Stun an enemy with a Flashbang 10
Gone for Good Gone for Good 0 Defeat an enemy with an explosion 10
All Accounted For All Accounted For 0 Find all weapons for both characters 30
In One Go In One Go 0 Defeat an enemy with a single shot from the Crossbow 30
Shift in Reality Shift in Reality 0 Complete all Nursery Rhyme puzzles 30
Hidden by the Trees Hidden by the Trees 0 Find all Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes 30
Filling the Shape Filling the Shape 0 Place a Charm in all of the bracelet's slots 10
Rustic Charm Rustic Charm 0 Find all the Charms 30
Back to Life Back to Life 0 Use a Coffee Mug Charm to prevent defeat 30
The Other Side The Other Side 0 Change between stories once 10

Secret Achievements

The Trail of the Writer The Trail of the Writer 0 Watch all the Writer's Journey videos 10
Bring It Bring It 0 Find the Sawed-Off Shotgun 10
Ready for a Fight Ready for a Fight 0 Find the Hunting Rifle 10
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits 0 Find the Crossbow 10
Stop Right There Stop Right There 0 Find the Pump-Action Shotgun 30
Find the Light Find the Light 0 Find the Flashlight and Revolver 10
Lights Shining Lights Shining 0 Find the Flare Gun 10
Yippee Ki-yay Yippee Ki-yay 0 Find the Double-Barrelled Shotgun 30
Lawman Lawman 0 Defeat Nightingale 30
Bright Falls' Finest Bright Falls' Finest 0 Defeat Mulligan and Thornton 30
Girl in Love Girl in Love 0 Defeat Cynthia 30
Filled with Rage Filled with Rage 0 Defeat Scratch 30
Storm Cloud Storm Cloud 0 Escape from the Dark Presence 10
The Story Come True The Story Come True 0 Complete Alan Wake 2 50
Hunting Season Hunting Season 0 Complete chapter "The Cult" 10
Somebody's Home Somebody's Home 0 Complete chapter "Invitation" 10
Into the Overlap Into the Overlap 0 Complete chapter "The Heart" 10
Back in Watery Back in Watery 0 Complete chapter "Local Girl" 10
We Watch in the Night We Watch in the Night 0 Complete chapter "No Chance" 10
The Old Gods The Old Gods 0 Complete chapter "Old Gods" 10
Seeing Double Seeing Double 0 Complete chapter "Scratch" 10
Rock n' Roll, Baby Rock n' Roll, Baby 0 Complete chapter "Summoning" 10
The Final Deerfest The Final Deerfest 0 Complete chapter "Deerfest" 10
End of the Road End of the Road 0 Complete chapter "Come Home" 10
Talk Show Talk Show 0 Complete chapter "Late Night" 10
New York City New York City 0 Complete chapter "Casey" 10
Return Return 0 Complete chapter "Haunting" 10
All His Life All His Life 0 Complete chapter "We Sing" 10
In a Fancy Hotel In a Fancy Hotel 0 Complete chapter "Room 665" 10
Told and Retold Told and Retold 0 Complete chapter "Return" 10
Behind the Masks Behind the Masks 0 Complete chapter "Masks" 10
The Cult of the Word The Cult of the Word 0 Complete chapter "Zane's Film" 10
His Way Out His Way Out 0 Complete chapter "Gone" 10
Coffee-Themed Fun Coffee-Themed Fun 0 Shoot Mr. Drippy or any other cardboard cutout in Coffee World 10
The Nice Things in Life The Nice Things in Life 0 Pet Mayor Setter 10