Kick & Fennick Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Diamond Collection The Diamond Collection 0 Earn a diamond star on every level 120
Kicking Butt Kicking Butt 0 Complete the game on Hard difficulty 100
The End The End 0 Finish the game on any difficulty 60
Tricked Tricked 0 Defeat the robot at the end of chapter 1 60
Height Advantage Height Advantage 0 Defeat the robot at the end of chapter 2 60
Out for the Count Out for the Count 0 Knock out the robot at the end of chapter 3 60
Close Call Close Call 0 Escape the robot at the end of chapter 4 60
Waking Up Waking Up 0 Wake up from a deep sleep 60
Made a Friend Made a Friend 0 Find Fennick 60
Almost There Almost There 0 Find a way to the Core Tower 60
Gear Collector Gear Collector 0 Find all special gears 60
Recoil Enthusiast Recoil Enthusiast 0 Jump 1500 times 60
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever 0 Get saved by Fennick 50 times 60
Grounded Grounded 0 Shoot down 200 enemies 60
All Dressed Up All Dressed Up 0 Collect all outfits 60