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Solace State Achievements

Full list of Solace State achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Solace State has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Caused the Storm Caused the Storm 0 Actually get Torrent angry about something. 20
Keep Him Educated Keep Him Educated 0 Teach Alden a few things. 20
People Skills People Skills 0 Be great at unifying the people. 35
Cut Your Teeth Cut Your Teeth 0 Successfully hack Myslen the Senior Interior Security personnel. 25
Capable Canvasser Capable Canvasser 0 Make strides at Artechne. 40
Foot-in-mouth Syndrome Foot-in-mouth Syndrome 0 Fail to convince anyone at Artechne. 20
Team Crunchy Forever Team Crunchy Forever 0 Get back together with Alden. 30
She's Got Me She's Got Me 0 Get together with Sueli. 30
World of Two World of Two 0 Get together with Torrent. 30
Artechne's Miss Congeniality Artechne's Miss Congeniality 0 Be congenial to Alden when you arrive at Artechne. 20
Broader Allies Broader Allies 0 Convince both Sonam and Mason to join the cause. 40
Playing Wallflower Playing Wallflower 0 Take Alden to infiltrate NEXIR. 25
Acting Class Acting Class 0 Take Torrent to infiltrate NEXIR. 25
Broken Glass Broken Glass 0 Witness a protest turned riot. 20
Friends in High Places Friends in High Places 0 Align yourself with Raylene. 15
New Old Friends New Old Friends 0 Deepen your friendship with Alden. 30
Sublime Solidarity Sublime Solidarity 0 Deepen your friendship with Sueli. 30
Two of a Kind Two of a Kind 0 Deepen your friendship with Torrent. 30
Are We Alone in the World? Are We Alone in the World? 0 Set out to find other iconohackers. 20

Secret Achievements

Pride Started as a Riot Pride Started as a Riot 0 Experience a riot and attend Pride with Rebecka and Safore. 30
Clarity of a Martyr Clarity of a Martyr 0 Learn about Sueli's phonecall. 20
Finally Doing Her "Real Job" Finally Doing Her "Real Job" 0 Go back to work for Topologist. 20
Intense Obfuscation Intense Obfuscation 0 Avoid the truth whenever possible. 40
Black Hat Influencer Black Hat Influencer 0 Choose biohack whenever possible. 35
Trigger Sad Trigger Sad 0 Shoot the prisoner as instructed. 20
Breaking Cartel Breaking Cartel 0 See NEXIR broken up. 40
Hacked Piety Hacked Piety 0 Spare Hyritang's life. 25
No Mercy for Tyrants No Mercy for Tyrants 0 Have Hyritang die from your hacking. 25
Hands On Hands On 0 Stop Sasithorn's attack through hacking. 20
Hack First, Ask Questions Later Hack First, Ask Questions Later 0 Never let Alden share his perspective before hacking him for intel. 20
Parental Approval Parental Approval 0 Convince Frederick to see your side of things. 35
Confidant... or Not Confidant... or Not 0 Back Raylene... and then quit backing her. 20
Last Appointed President? Last Appointed President? 0 Raylene is announced as Lawston's successor. 30
Unite Our Voices Unite Our Voices 0 Help Rebecka write a unifying speech. 25
Voice Your Fury Voice Your Fury 0 Help Rebecka write a fiery speech. 25
Bittersweet Reunion Bittersweet Reunion 0 Find Rebecka. 20
Fight Another Day Fight Another Day 0 Free Safore from NEXIR's mind control. 25
Bad Second Impression Bad Second Impression 0 Talk down to Waylon at Artechne after biohacking him at Zircon Hill. 20