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HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles Achievements

Full list of HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Leave me alone Leave me alone 0 Play and finish an act on your own 30
Speed dating Speed dating 0 Play and finish an act with a friend 30
Libertine Libertine 0 Play and finish an act with two friends 30
Act done Act done 0 Finish an act, collect all the statues, and complete all its challenges 60
Collect all the statues in an act Collect all the statues in an act 0 Act cleared 50
Something is wrong Something is wrong 0 Restart a room 10
Room swallower Room swallower 0 Finish an insane number of rooms 50
Where are we? Where are we? 0 Very good question... 10
First but not least First but not least 0 First use of a switch. An achievement that only has nostalgia value. 10
Powerful artefact Powerful artefact 0 Use the Protopulse for the first time 10
Like a magnet Like a magnet 0 First time the Protopulse is attracted by a Tesla 10
Saved by the bell Saved by the bell 0 Save Vince-var-A from his cell 10
Follow me! Follow me! 0 Follow Vince-var-A until Nylus shows up 10
Free at last! Free at last! 0 Finish the adventure 30
You're in my power. You're in my power. 0 Take control of a Vbot 10
Recycling revolution Recycling revolution 0 Rach Vince-var-A's jungle lab 10
Machine operational Machine operational 0 Get all of the parts for Vince-var-A's machine 30
Rocketed away, again Rocketed away, again 0 Finish the adventure. For real. 60
Just perfect Just perfect 0 Finish the game (story/statues/challenges) in 1P/2P/3P 90
Insane collector Insane collector 0 Collect all the statues 60
A new challenger A new challenger 0 Win your first challenge 50
Test subject of the year Test subject of the year 0 Win all the challenges 60
WAAAAAKE UUUUUUUP! WAAAAAKE UUUUUUUP! 0 Bark loudly to wake up any sleeping Vbots 10
Smell this Smell this 0 Kill a friend by farting 60
Not so tough Not so tough 0 Kill one of those big fat Vbots. They deserve it. 50
Not so much as a quiver Not so much as a quiver 0 Defeat Nylus without giving him enough time to charge a single Protopulse 90
Just kidding, right? Just kidding, right? 0 Be gently mocked by the achievements system 30
What are we going to do with you? What are we going to do with you? 0 We can't find an excuse to give you three medals! 30

Secret Achievements

Well, no. Well, no. 0 Had you going, huh? Right to the end. 10