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Age of Wonders 4: Empires & Ashes Achievements

Full list of Age of Wonders 4: Empires & Ashes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Age of Wonders 4: Empires & Ashes has 10 achievements worth 195 gamerscore

Freed Lands of Manuhari Freed Lands of Manuhari 0 Complete "Empires and Ashes: Freed Lands of Manuhari" 30
Sehiran Oasis Sehiran Oasis 0 Complete "Empires and Ashes: Sehiran Oasis" 30
Prometheus Avenged Prometheus Avenged 0 In "Freed Lands of Manuhari", slay the Warden of Manuhari at least 5 times 15
Chaos Surge Chaos Surge 0 In "Sehiran Oasis", encounter the Chaos Endailon 15
Seal the Deal Seal the Deal 0 Reach a Seals Victory 15
A Conqueror's Cohort A Conqueror's Cohort 0 Use Intimidate 3 times on the same Free City 15
Spoils of War Spoils of War 0 Recruit a unit of tier 3 or higher by subduing them 15
Dawn of the Dread Dawn of the Dread 0 Have an Ironclad use all types of Ammunition in a single battle 15
But this one is mine But this one is mine 0 Forge an item with a custom name 15
A Very Special Ring A Very Special Ring 0 Forge a ring with 3 or more infusions, including Universal Camouflage 30

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