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WWE 2K24 Achievements

Full list of WWE 2K24 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

WWE 2K24 has 62 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Where it All Begins… Again Where it All Begins… Again 0 Complete One Objective in Showcase Mode. 15
Bigger. Better. Badder. Bigger. Better. Badder. 0 Win One Match in Showcase Mode. 15
What the World is Watching What the World is Watching 0 Complete All Objectives in One Match in Showcase Mode. 15
All Grown Up All Grown Up 0 Win All Matches in Showcase Mode. 15
The Ultimate Challenge The Ultimate Challenge 0 Complete All Objectives in All Matches in Showcase Mode. 25
Square Up Square Up 0 Complete a Rivalry Match using any Brawl category Rival Action (Universe Classic or Superstar Mode). 15
Trail Blazer Trail Blazer 0 Choose and apply any option from the Manage Superstar menu (Universe Superstar Mode). 15
Cash-In Ringer Cash-In Ringer 0 Win a championship through a Money in the Bank cash-in (Universe Classic or Superstar Mode). 15
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Spend a total of 50 Momentum or more in a single rivalry (Universe Superstar Mode). 15
Get Lost Get Lost 0 Force a Superstar to leave via a Loser Leaves Town Rivalry Outcome (Superstar Mode) 15
Red Light, Green Light Red Light, Green Light 0 Stop an opponent via Freeze and follow up with a successful attack (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Gold Medal Sprinter Gold Medal Sprinter 0 Successfully run through a 30-Person Turmoil Gauntlet match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI). 30
2,803 Days 2,803 Days 0 As Bruno Sammartino, pin or submit Roman Reigns without using any Paybacks on Legend difficulty. 15
Call it Down the Middle Call it Down the Middle 0 Fairly officiate a Special Guest Referee match without being ejected (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Not Another Montreal Not Another Montreal 0 As referee, call for the end of the match before a superstar taps out (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Closed Casket Closed Casket 0 Defeat Undertaker in a Casket match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI). 15
No Visiting Hours No Visiting Hours 0 Win an Ambulance match without losing the match ending mini-game on Legend (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Super, Indeed Super, Indeed 0 Perform a successful Super finisher and win the match (Play Mode vs AI). 15
True Resilience True Resilience 0 Win a Normal 1-On-1 match after kicking out of a Super finisher on Legend (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower 0 Win a Normal 1-on-1 match via pinfall after having thrown a successful Fireball (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Rise of the Megastar Rise of the Megastar 0 As LA Knight, beat Finn Bálor in a normal 1-on-1 match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Trades No Longer Accepted Trades No Longer Accepted 0 Win the Trading Blows mini-game by hitting the Instant-Win target zone (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Where is that Referee?! Where is that Referee?! 0 As the Special Guest Referee, end the match via pinfall with a fast-count (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Faction Wars Champion Faction Wars Champion 0 Defeat 30 Faction Wars Bosses in MyFACTION. 15
Rise Through the Ranks Rise Through the Ranks 0 Earn a Leaderboard Reward from a Ranked Play Season in MyFACTION. 15
Loyalty Confirmed Loyalty Confirmed 0 Earn a Loyalty Reward in MyFACTION. 15
Taste of Victory Taste of Victory 0 Win a match in MyFACTION. 15
A Promising Start A Promising Start 0 Complete a Lifetime Challenge in MyFACTION. 15
Journey of a Lifetime Journey of a Lifetime 0 Complete 15 Lifetime Challenges in MyFACTION. 25
A Good Start A Good Start 0 Complete a Proving Grounds Tower in MyFACTION. 15
Weekly Winner Weekly Winner 0 Complete a Weekly Tower in MyFACTION. 15
Daily Progress Daily Progress 0 Complete a Daily Challenge in MyFACTION. 15
Chapter and Verse Chapter and Verse 0 Complete a Proving Grounds Chapter in MyFACTION. 15
Champion For A Day Champion For A Day 0 Complete all 3 of a day's Daily Challenges in MyFACTION. 15
Never Felt More A-LIVE Never Felt More A-LIVE 0 Complete 10 LIVE Events in MyFACTION. 15
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck 0 Complete ALL Intro Challenges in MyFACTION. 15
Zero to Hero Zero to Hero 0 MyGM, Level up a single talent to level 25. 15
Logistic Liaison Logistic Liaison 0 MyGM, Boost a tier 7 crew, special effects, or advertisement logistic. 15
Immortal Combat Immortal Combat 0 MyGM, Book a fatal 4 way title match, only using Immortal talent. 15
Extreme Rules Extreme Rules 0 MyGM, ENTER THE HoF in FIRST PLACE, playing as ECW with EXTREME AI and GAME difficulties activated. 15
It's AsSIGNed It's AsSIGNed 0 Create A Sign and assign it to a Superstar. 15
Under Construction Under Construction 0 Create an arena and have a match in it. 15
Can't Call What You Can't See Can't Call What You Can't See 0 Create and Assign a Referee outfit in CAS. 15

Secret Achievements

The Ragin' Climax The Ragin' Climax 0 Crown "Champion of WrestleMania" in Showcase Mode. 15
Fore! Fore! 0 Throw any weapon (Play Mode vs AI). 15
Universal Success Universal Success 0 Undisputed - Win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. 15
Team Extreme Team Extreme 0 Undisputed - Train with Lita. 15
Getting Dirty with Dom Getting Dirty with Dom 0 Undisputed - Make a deal with Dominik. 15
The Gold Standard The Gold Standard 0 Undisputed - Defeat Cody Rhodes. 15
Disputed No More Disputed No More 0 Undisputed - Complete Undisputed MyRISE story. 15
An Awesome Decision An Awesome Decision 0 Undisputed - Team up with The Miz. 15
A Trip To Orlando A Trip To Orlando 0 Undisputed - Go to NXT. 15
Sign on the Dotted Line Sign on the Dotted Line 0 Unleashed - Sign to WWE Raw. 15
The Gripe Bomb The Gripe Bomb 0 Unleashed - Stand up for yourself in front of the WWE Universe. 15
Bad Times Don't Last, Bad Guys Do Bad Times Don't Last, Bad Guys Do 0 Unleashed - Defeat Rhea Ripley. 15
Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny 0 Unleashed - Defeat The Manifestation. 15
The A-Lister The A-Lister 0 Unleashed - Get Cast in a Major Motion Picture. 15
A Real Psycho A Real Psycho 0 Unleashed - Complete All 4 Psycho Sally Optional Storylines. 15
It's a Woman's World (Championship) It's a Woman's World (Championship) 0 Unleashed - Win the WWE Women's World Championship. 15
The Beginning of the Future The Beginning of the Future 0 Unleashed - Complete Unleashed MyRISE story. 15
Undeniable Undeniable 0 Complete both "Undisputed" and "Unleashed" MyRISE stories. 50
Trade Secrets Trade Secrets 0 MyGM, Make 25 successful trades with CPU opponents. 15