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Grow Up Achievements

Find all the Grow Up achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 17 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

BUD-tanical Brilliance BUD-tanical Brilliance 0 Complete the game 100% 150
POWER UP! POWER UP! 0 Collect all crystals 100
No Mountain Too High No Mountain Too High 0 Complete all challenges 70
All Grown UP All Grown UP 0 Rescue MOM 100
Mushroom Maypole Mushroom Maypole 0 Plant 10 Champolines on top of each other 30
BUD Friend! BUD Friend! 0 Take a critter to the moon 30
Happy Landing! Happy Landing! 0 Blast a critter 100m 30
Star Planter! Star Planter! 0 Flower all STARPLANTS 80
Lift Off Lift Off 0 Grab two Sporchids simultaneously and ride upwards for 400m 30
Along For The Ride Along For The Ride 0 Complete a challenge holding a Critter 50
Budding Traveller Budding Traveller 0 Visit all biomes 20
Floraforms Floraforms 0 Unlock all seeds 70
Carpet Gardening Carpet Gardening 0 Throw 100 seeds whilst gliding 30
Teletastic Teletastic 0 Unlock all telerouters 80
I Can See Your House From Here.. I Can See Your House From Here.. 0 Orbit the entire planet in BALL mode 60
Can I Have A P Please, BUD? Can I Have A P Please, BUD? 0 Discover letter block P 30
Cuddly Meeps Cuddly Meeps 0 Discover the bull and the sheep 40