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Torment: Tides of Numenera Achievements

Find all the Torment: Tides of Numenera achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 52 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Live Another Life Live Another Life 0 Completed a Mere. 30
A New Home A New Home 0 Learn the truth of where Jherem came from. 15
This Is MY Cult This Is MY Cult 0 Convince the Cult in Sagus Cliffs that you're the Changing God. 15
Always In Touch Always In Touch 0 Found the Hall of Relics. 15
Foremen Don't Forget Foremen Don't Forget 0 Discovered Min of Tan Liang's embarrassing secret. 15
I Clank When I Walk I Clank When I Walk 0 Equipped every one of Jernaugh's upgrades. 15
Peace Bringer Peace Bringer 0 Brought peace to Choi's spirit. 15
Ill Gotten Gains Ill Gotten Gains 0 Found the murdens' treasure room 15
War Machine War Machine 0 Defeated Waits-for-Prey in combat. 15
Death Wish Death Wish 0 Died by drinking too much Bloom juice. 15
Inside Man Inside Man 0 Coty betrayed the First on your behalf. 15
Priest Restored Priest Restored 0 Aligern found his friends and family. 15
Keep Your Friends Close Keep Your Friends Close 0 Made Aligern believe that you're the Changing God... and earned his love anyway. 15
Buckle Down Buckle Down 0 Tybir made a dangerous deal with Tol Maguur. 15
Mere Explorer Mere Explorer 0 Found all Merecasters. 15
Overload Overload 0 Acquired one too many cyphers. 15
Hall Of Memories Hall Of Memories 0 Unlocked all elements in the Calm. 15
Limits Of Human Capacity Limits Of Human Capacity 0 Reached maximum character level. 15
Beloved Beloved 0 The entire party loves the Last Castoff. 15
Despised Despised 0 The entire party dislikes the Last Castoff. 15

Secret Achievements

Not Dead Yet Not Dead Yet 0 Escaped the Sorrow... for now. 30
A City Carved In Stone A City Carved In Stone 0 Reached Sagus Cliffs. 30
Monuments To The Past Monuments To The Past 0 Reached the Valley of Dead Heroes. 30
Sanctuary Sanctuary 0 Found Miel Avest. 30
Belly Of The Beast Belly Of The Beast 0 Reached the Bloom. 30
Crystalline Vista Crystalline Vista 0 Reached the Ascension. 30
Castoffs Fate Castoffs Fate 0 Activated the Resonance Chamber. 30
Legacy Legacy 0 Completed the game. 90
Terminal Velocity Terminal Velocity 0 Ended your life before it truly began. 15
For Knowledge? For Knowledge? 0 Slew the Nychthemeron. 15
Free Minds Free Minds 0 Defeated the Adversary. 15
Just A Taste Just A Taste 0 Became the main course in a Dendra O'hur feast. 15
Accidental Savior Accidental Savior 0 Rescued the Memorialists in the Valley of Dead Heroes by failing to find them. 15
Knowledge Seeker Knowledge Seeker 0 Undertook Tantalum's quest to explore the tombs of the Necropolis. 15
Valley's Hero Valley's Hero 0 Freed the Valley from the Children of the Endless Gate. 15
Rising Phoenix Rising Phoenix 0 Helped Phoenix find the answer he seeks. 15
Transdimensional Midwife Transdimensional Midwife 0 Brought a new minnim pair to life. 15
Memovira Memovira 0 Became the new Memovira. 15
Private Property Private Property 0 Purchased a slave. 15
Homeworld Bound Homeworld Bound 0 Returned the lascars to their home. 15
A God In Human Skin A God In Human Skin 0 Became The Changing God. 40
All Too Human All Too Human 0 Callistege became fully human again. 15
Ascended Ascended 0 Translated Callistege's consciousness into the datasphere. 15
The Dying Light The Dying Light 0 Powered up Erritis' nanites. 15
Back To The Farm Back To The Farm 0 Freed Erritis from the Audience. 15
Love Restored Love Restored 0 Helped Tybir make peace with Auvigne. 15
Dangerous Ideals Dangerous Ideals 0 Matkina turned away from her isolation. 15
Successor Successor 0 Matkina became the new Memovira. 15
Going Home Going Home 0 Rhin returned to her true home. 15
A New Family A New Family 0 Rhin stayed with the Last Castoff. 15
It's For The Best It's For The Best 0 Rhin found a new family through the House of Empty Time. 15
A New Beginning A New Beginning 0 Woke up in the Calm after dying. 15