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Nutjitsu Achievements

Full list of Nutjitsu achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Nutjitsu has 10 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Grand Ninja Grand Ninja 0 Achieved maximum rank. 200
Ninja's Dozen Ninja's Dozen 0 Outran 12 foxes that were on your trail. 75
Mission Master Mission Master 0 Completed 50 ninja missions. 100
The Scenic Route The Scenic Route 0 Finished any game on the Shizuka Woods, Dangai Heights, and Bamboo Glade levels. 100
Ancient Ruins Ancient Ruins 0 Finished any game on the Grey Shrine, Yugure Cemetery, and Ushinatta Marsh levels. 100
Enemy Strongholds Enemy Strongholds 0 Finished any game on the Redclaw's Castle, Teikoku no Yousai, and Base Camp Shichi levels. 100
Into the Shadows Into the Shadows 0 Lost 20 foxes that were on your trail by using Smoke Bombs or Shadow Clones. 100
Master of the Elements Master of the Elements 0 Hit 30 foxes with the effects of Freeze Bombs or Fire Shields. 100
Speed Run Speed Run 0 Collected 30 acorns while using Ninja Speed powerups. 100
Squirreled Away Squirreled Away 0 Collected 10 acorns. 25