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Blackwood Crossing Achievements

Full list of Blackwood Crossing achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Blackwood Crossing has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Masquerade Masquerade 0 Collect your mask from Finn 70
Catharsis Catharsis 0 Set Finn's emotions free 50
Redemption Redemption 0 Redeem your mistakes 50
Simon Says: Don’t lose Simon Says: Don’t lose 0 Can you beat this nostalgic game? 70
Big Cheater Big Cheater 0 Look for Finn as quickly as you can 70
Poster Club Poster Club 0 Inspect all the film posters in the game 70
Alas, Poor Isaac! Alas, Poor Isaac! 0 Uncover Isaac's past secrets 70
A moment captured A moment captured 0 Inspect this instant memory maker 20
Who's the daddy? Who's the daddy? 0 An ego waiting to be found 50
Pure Folly Pure Folly 0 Find this fanciful hideout 20
Not a happy bunny Not a happy bunny 0 Find these weathered toys 20
Good kitty Good kitty 0 Inspect your purrrfect pet 20
Pull the other one Pull the other one 0 Inspect this emergency feature 50
Doodle dandy Doodle dandy 0 Find this moment of teenage fancy 20
Guitar man Guitar man 0 Inspect this once loved instrument 20
Prize draw Prize draw 0 Inspect this shared success 20
Simon Says: Good to Go Simon Says: Good to Go 0 Complete your first adventure 25
You spin me right round You spin me right round 0 Inspect this moment in space 25

Secret Achievements

Life Giver Life Giver 0 Acquire your Life Powers 70
Fire Starter Fire Starter 0 Acquire your Pyrokinesis Powers 70
Dark Destroyer Dark Destroyer 0 Acquire your Umbrakinesis Powers 70
Green Fingered Green Fingered 0 Find Grandad's refuge 50