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Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy Achievements

Find all the Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Remnants Bane Remnants Bane 0 Destroy a remnant ship in campaign mode 20
Nautilids Bane Nautilids Bane 0 Destroy a nautlid 20
Missiles Away Missiles Away 0 Destroy an enemy with a missile 40
No More Training Wheels No More Training Wheels 0 Win a skirmish battle 40
Stunning Success Stunning Success 0 Stun an enemy 40
Laser Focus Laser Focus 0 Kill an enemy with a laser beam 40
Easier To Sneak A Raw Steak Past A Bog Rat Easier To Sneak A Raw Steak Past A Bog Rat 0 Recruit the pilot. 40
Too Soon Too Soon 0 Recruit the comms officer. 40
God And Science God And Science 0 Recruit the science officer 40
Broken Chain Broken Chain 0 Recruit the intelligence officer 40
Recursion, Formation, Purpose Recursion, Formation, Purpose 0 Protect Novus on your own terms 80
Fire And Truth Fire And Truth 0 Uncover the Remnant conspiracy 40
Yardsman's Call Answered Yardsman's Call Answered 0 Protect the shipbuilding yards. 40
Between The Squids And The People Between The Squids And The People 0 Evacuate civilians from the Boardwalk. 40
Sinking Station Sinking Station 0 Evacuate workers from DM3 40
Getting Along Getting Along 0 Keep your crew friendly 40
Squid Hunter Squid Hunter 0 Destroy 100 nautilids. 40
Return 'Em To The Junkyard Return 'Em To The Junkyard 0 Destroy 25 Remnant ships. 40
The One-Two The One-Two 0 Kill a stunned enemy with the Destroyer's laser. 40
Preventative Measures Preventative Measures 0 Deploy thirty countermeasures 40
No Time For Orientation No Time For Orientation 0 Have a reinforcement join you in battle 40
Professional Babysitter Professional Babysitter 0 Don't lose a single escort objective during the war 80
Commodore of the Fleet Commodore of the Fleet 0 Deploy a fleet group with maximum Command Points 40
Above And Beyond Above And Beyond 0 Recruit the engineer 40